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 The Travel

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PostSubject: The Travel   Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:13 am

It had only been hours since he surgery for Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan had happened by Arcanis and he was talking to Envy." You seem like you do not like us humans. What is with you " said Pain. Pain heard Envy say " I just hate everyone even that fool Arcanis. But since you got me from his body I will tell you of alchemy. But you must first do what you intended to do. Now go on into that shrine and write your history " said Envy with a hint of jealousy in his voice. Pain nodded his head and continued on into the shrine. Write his history was exactly what he was going to do. But first he was going to re read the history of the Sage of Six Paths and then re read the whole tablet it self. Walking into the shrine and down the stairs Pain saw the tablet sitting upon its glory. Pain walked up to the tablet and went to the section of Rikudo Sannin.

            The Story of the Sage of Six Paths was the name of that section. After reading the story over Pain knew what he was going to do with his life. He was going to guide the world into greatness along side Arcanis. Pain looked over the whole tablet with photo graphic memory remembering everything he seem on the tablet to the smallest spec of dust. Pain headed out of the shrine while changing his appearance. He had elbow length hair that was red. His chest was full of red fur with a tail swishing behind him that was also red. He had on no shirt but a black and yellow vest. To other people he would look like a idiot.


         Pain already had all his belongings packed and ready to go." Are you sure thus is the right decision. Arcanis would find you for sure because of the mark he out on you. No one else will because my abilities of transformation are 100% accurate " Pain nodded his head. A new appearance also need a new name. " Envy from now on call me Kyojin Uchiha " said Kyojin." Hahahaha you are nothing near insanity. But I guess I will. I am trapped in your body so I have no choice but to obey you for now. Now leave me alone. Wake me up when we get to our destination " said Envy with a laugh. Kyo knew Envy had a smirk on his face. Kyojin began to walk out of the villiage. As he got out of the gates he looked toward the Hokage tower and said " Kirito whenever you need me trust me you will know where to look ". Pain walked towards the direction of the sea. Ready for his new journey to began. After it felt like hours of walking Pain came upon a puddle of water but there was sun shining. Pain did not pay the puddle no attention as he knew it was a ninja in disguise. Pain heard water ripple and in a split second pulled out Samehada ready to face the unknown enemy. The man had silver hair that was spikey shoulder length with a mask covering his face. Pain activated his eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and analyzed the man. It was not a man but some kind of clone it seemed. The clone then said " Go in the direction of North East there you will come upon a village that is in dier need of help " the clone then disappeared into a puddle of water. Kyo wondered if that puddle did that every time some one walks by by it as a distress call of some sort. If this village really needed that much help Pain would help them. Pain walked north east ready to save the village. 

      After days of walking Pain came upon the sea and looked into the distance. He saw a large boat docked at a sea shore with no one on board. Kyojin wondered if the people would care if he took it. Not to much he thought as he ran over to the boat and jumped into it grabbing the steering wheel. Kyojin turned the steering wheel and the boat began to turn slowly. Kyojin looked around and went to the rope that hoisted the sails. He went and grabbed the ropes pulling them down the sails coming down with them. Suddenly the boat began to speed up going I'm the direction of the village. Kyojin sat in the middle pole of the boat and began to think. What if the distress call was only just to lure people in?. What if it was not? Either way he had to check it out. Kyojin began to draw random words on the wood. Finally he looked up from his writing and saw land but the land was covered in a mist of some sort that looked like it was shaded in red. He docked the boat at a local port and screamed out " hey any one there if so can you hear me ". No one answered so he put his hand on the boat using his wood release making it break into splinters. With his eternal Mangekyo Sharingan activated Kyojin scanned the area and what he saw almost made him cry. Dead bodies were everywhere with blood leaking out of them. The bodies were fresh so what ever killed them was still here

      Kyojin then saw a figure looking directly at him which was really creepy. The figure that turned out to be a man rushed at Kyojin at a really fast speedd
 d and nearly took off his arm from the speed. If Kyojin did not have eternal Mangekyo Sharingan activated his arm would have been gone at a blink of a eye. Kyojin pulled out Samehada and with one swipe cut the man in half from shoulder to knee. Kyojin looked at the man he was in ragged cloths just like the other villages. What is going on in this villiage Kyojin asked him self." It looks like a great evil swept through this place only days ago you were to late to come and stop it. Maybe you should take owner ship of this village and rebuild it to glory. That is the only thing I can tell you " said Envy. Kyojin over looked the village moss was everywhere as well as the bloody mist as he started to call it. Hours it took him to clear all bodies from the village. Then more hours to clear the moss. When he was done the village showed no sign of bodies but every now and then you saw moss on house walls.

       Kyojin began to think the bloody mist was a natural phenomenon though because the mist did not smell of blood. It smelled like mist which did not smell like anything. Kyojin then saw a very large tower in the middle of the villiage. He headed towards the tower.

1155 words towards Rinnegan
Traveled to Kirigakure or what it is called now
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PostSubject: Re: The Travel   Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:40 am

1. Envy can take over your body and will fight to do so. 2. You are rping Envy all wrong it would entice you to leave the village and seek more power because you are envious of mine or something 3.Travel topics are supposed to be made on the borders of the country you were in not somewhere on the country you're going to, 4. PUT HYPERLINKS TO YOUR JUTSU IN YOUR STAT PAGE AND PUT A LINK TO YOUR STAT PAGE IN YOUR SIGNATURE. But other than that......

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The Travel
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