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 The New Chapter

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PostSubject: The New Chapter   Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:29 pm

Kyojin after days of being at the village alone or so he thought he had found a hiding camp or something along those lines miles below the village. The campers had finally came out and there were hundreds of them. It had looked like they were ready for war. It was actually a mistake when Kyojin found them. He was walking and stepped on a seal paper and IG released a smoke and out came the mini army. To say Kyojin was scared shitless was the answer. Him and the people had cooperated as good as they could and they only asked that he did not run the village to the ground and he agreed he would not. Days after the people had remigrated into the village. Ever since then Kyojin had been studying his wood release and kept his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan activated to get used to its power. Right now he had was experimenting with a wood release jutsu he had learned back in Tanzaku called wood release advent of a world of flowering trees. He was not in the village of course he was off onto the borders of the country so that the thick acid could not spread into the village. Kyojin began to rise the trees then pink flowers appeared on the trees. Minutes later the flowers finally bloomed and released a toxic gas that was pink in color. The gas seemed to kill all life it touched. All the plants near by had withered to death and fallen onto the ground. Kyojin released the jitsu and controlled the air toxin to go into thevair and spread out soon evaporating. The trees however still sat there. 

      What was it with wood release that amazed him self Kyojin thought." Human I suggest killing your self and allow me to take over your body. If you do not do it you can not use my power anymore " said Envy totally out of no where. Kyojin smirked and said " shut the hell up Envy you should stop being jealous of me and go to sleep or whatever you always do in my head "." I am not jealous you pitiful excuse for something powerful. However if you let me use your body I could make you more powerful " said Envy with a reply." Envy just stay quiet I am experimenting with some things and you are wasting my time. Do you not remember I have a village to run as well as a stone tablet to decode. " said Kyojin. The Uchiha stone tablet told Kyojin alot and he wanted to decipher its deepest secrets. He wanted to know how to obtain the Rinnegan. The most powerful doujutsu he had ever heard of. If he was to ever obtain the Rinnegan he would call him self Sage of the Six Paths and give the world new hope that a second sage has returned. Again that is was if he obtained Rinnegan. Kyojin continued his wood release training and experiments. Thee trees in advert of a world of flowering trees were like puppets but with out chakra threads. You could control them with your chakra. Kyojin laughed puppet users would die for a jutsu like this.

     Kyojin heard a noise that sounded like a foot step and scanned the area with his eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. North East of where he was standing. Was a group of a hundred or so people. All of them had very low chakra. But one all the way in the front had a large amount.  Kyojin studied the group. Then they started to run towards him hr had no idea what to do but look dumb founded. The mini army had on samurai armor and weapons but were using ninjutsu. Three people ram to the front and used a earth style jutsu that sent Kyojin and a block of earth down into the ground. Then a water jutsu pored large amounts of water into the block of earth. Kyojin laughed.

       They did not know of his techniques as soon as he was about to transform bolts of lighting crashed into the water. Kyojin instantly deactivated his Sharingan for he couldn't allow the secrets to get out. Finnaly the electricity in the water touched him and he was knocked out cold." BOOM BOOM BOOM " said a very loud noise. Kyojin snapped awake and looked around. He was in a chair of some sort that had straps on it. He was sitting up straight looking at a black wall. What the hell is going on he asked him self in his head." They captured you and they are coming now " said Envy. Kyojin nodded his head and tried to use a jutsu but it weakened him. He had to get out the hard way. " So tell me you were along the borders of that village are you helping them " said a man who appeared in front of Kyojin. Kyojin shook his head and said " no I was nearly training ". The man nodded and said " I will be back in one hour for more questions ". Kyojin looked around hastily Samehada was behind him in straps as well. He felt his pocket against the chair and felt his pen poke his thigh. He smiled in the light and moved around to get the pen to click and it did. Poseidon's trident spring out and went straight through the chair knocking off the chairs arm on the right side. Kyojin right arm was free and he unstrapped his left arm. He quickly moved to Samehada and took off its straps then put it on his back." Envy where are we " asked Kyojin


      "We are still along the birders but we are in a mansion that is surrounded by 50 guards the rest of the guards are in the house which is 50 as well " said Envy. Kyojin nodded and knew what to do. He quickly activated his Mangekyo Sharingan and the Susano'o started to appear then he started to grow. He was happy he did not use the jutsu when he was training or he would not have had any trump card. The Susano'o crashed through the mansions roof and splitnit open. Kyojim made it jump out of the roof and go to the ground. When he got to the ground he deactivated it and looked around. His Eternal activates he could see everything but they were not that distinctive. He sawS dead bodies everywhere from transforming into the Susano'o it was a instant kill." Hahaha BTW did I tell you that pitiful excuse of the village you lead is being attacked again " said Envy. Kyojin grew angry and said " what the hell were you thinking ". Kyojin ran towards the village hopping in the trees as fast as he could.

      He finally arrived in the village and hears clashes of swords. The villagers and the enemy were going at it. They both were equal im strength neither getting the advantage if the other. Kyojin jumped into the villiage in the middle of the battle. He saw the man that was interogatting him earlier on then mansion. Kyojin ran to him Samehada in hand ready to fight. The man also had a very large chakra in him. As soon as he got to the man  a aura of chakra appeared around him and Kyojin knew exactly who the man was and what he just done." You are Kimo Yu the man who killed my father in the Uchiha and Yu war " said Kyojin getting angry. The man looked at Kyojin closely and said " Do not tell me you are that pitiful Uchiha child that killed my father the clan head in battle " said Kimo as he got mad as well. In a instant the two clashed sword against sword. But Samehada simply went straight through his sword breaking it in half like a stick. 


     Kyojin was blinded in rage and did not see that the villagers were winning against the Yu clan. Kimo did handseals and a massive fireball shot out his mouth. Kyojin held Samehada above his head and when the fire ball got close he cut it in half right in the middle making it disapeer." You fool you came back after the Uchiha won the war and killed to of my best friends who were like brothers to me. Now this this is a out rage I sware I will kill you. Kyojin used advent world of flowering trees and they began to grow. Kimo looked mind blown and jumped back." VILLAGERS RETREAT NOW " screamed Kyojin at the top of his lungs. The villagers joed backwards towards the Mizukage Tower and were ready for anything. The tree finally bloomed as well as the flowers on it. Thick acid mist puffed out the flowers and Kyojim controlled it to envelop thevYu who were in front of him. He heard screams and coughfing then finally he heard nothing. The mist evaporated into the sky seeming like it had joined the bloody mist. Many bodies were on the ground lifeless." A sware one day you will fall to someone more powerful than you " said Kimo Yu with a curse to Kyojin the the mab finally went life lease." Clean up the bodies everyone set them in fire of anyone gets a hold of the You clan bloodline it would be bad " said Kyojin. All of the villagers nodded and cleared the bodies into a pile. Kyojin sat upon the trees he had grew and manipulated them the trees imtwined with each other. Then Kuojin made them go back into the ground. Kyojin told the villagers to get back and they did. Kyojin had is Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan activated and shot Amaterasu out of his eye hitting the pile of bodies." Amaterasu was a jutsu I used. It is a black fire that will burn 7 days and 7 nights so steer clear of the bodies when you walk by. Forbid all your children younger than 13 to not go by it. Is it clear " Kyojin said. The villagers nodded and went back to there houses leaving Kyojin alone to a pile of burning bodies.

    Kyojin was fascinated with the Yu clan. Each time they fought they came back even weaker. Why was that he thought? Maybe they were consumed in evil? None of these things made since to Kyojin he was only 18 but seen many things in his shirt life time. Kyojin fell asleep on the ground and appeared in another dream. In front of him was a man with those weird purple eyes he had in his dream." Who are you and please tell me what are wrong with your eyes " said Kyojin." People call me many names. Sage of Six Paths, Savior of this world. Rikkudo Sannin, but you young one call me Hogoromo Ofsutsuki " said the man. Kyojin was dumb founded to say the least." Also what is wrong with my eyes is that this young one is the Rinnegan " Kyoin was shocked again." Now I must leave only by you seeing me have you gotten my memories I hope you use them well " said Hagoromo. The dream dissipated and Kyojin shot awake. His head began to hurt. Memories that were not his began to pore in. It felt like his head was going to blow at anytime. Finally it stopped. Kyojin began to see things the birth of the sage then the end of him. The bijuu were created by ability of Rinnegan known as Creation of All Things. Kyojin was fascinated with all the things he learned in only abfew seconds. Kyojin walked towards the Mizukage tower ready to go to sleep as it was night." I need to travel to distant lands and form alliances " said Kyojin out loud. Kyojin would have thought Arcanis would have came by now so he went to sleep in his room in the Mixukage tower. Kyojin fell a sleep with a thought in his head. The sage said use his memories well. But did he mean when he said that Kyojin thought. All we be figured out in due time he guessed.

   Just as he had awoken a immense pain enveloped Kyojin's eyes. It felt like his eyes and eye sockets were on fire. Kyojin fell on the floor grabbing at his eyes do everything he could to stop the terrible pain. But there was nothing he could do for the pain was so bad. Finally after hours the pain stopped and he opened his eyes. He saw him self lying in a puddle of water and saw his reflection with his eyes opened. His eyes were purple and had black rims around it. The Rinnegan he had obtained it and for some reason he knee exactly how he did it. By combining Uchiha and Senju blood and getting both wood release and eternal Mangekyo Sharingan you obtain the Rinnegan after using the both a lot. Kyojin got up from his position and did it rarely faster than when he obtained Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.

   Again the sage's memories began to flood his brain he instantly knew how to use the Rinnegan powers. Deva Path, Animal Path, Human Path, Outer Path, Preta Path,  Asura Path, and Naraka Path were the powers of the Rinnegan. Then another set of memories came. The Bijuu are all inside a human host called a jinchuuriki. Kyojin could control these Bijuu as he wished but he did not want that even animals or beast as the call them selves want to be free. Kyojin tried to stop the Rinnegan chakra from flooding into his eyes but it did not work." What the hell is going on why can I not deactivate Rinnegan " said Kyojin out loud." You bafoon you just got it remember when you obtained Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan you could not deactivate it when you wanted to " said Envy with a hint of jealousy in this voice. Kyojin laughed because he never thought if that. Kyojin went to the door but it was at incredible speed and strength which caused him to break the door in half." What the hell Rinnegan is stupid powerful " Kyojin. Kyojin flashed back to what he told Arcanis.


" Ok I will tell you. It is said that in times when the world is in disorder, a person is sent down from the heavens to become either a "God of Creation" who will calm the world, or "Destroyer" who will reduce everything nothingness. The Rinnegan originated from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's Rinne Sharingan, and was first truly manifested by her son, Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, who came to be revered as the Sage of the Six Paths by using his dōjutsu to create the groundwork that brought forth all modern ninjutsu. " One who possesses the Rinnegan has access to a multitude of abilities, such as the ability to possess and use all six chakra nature transformations and the capacity to use any technique. The Rinnegan allows the user to see chakra, including the chakra points within the body, as well as otherwise invisible barriers. The Rinnegan also makes the user immune to visual genjutsu. However, the Rinnegan's field of vision can be blocked by simple means such as smoke bombs. The Rinnegan grants the ability tosummon and control the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, though this cannot be done using an inauthentic Rinnegan. With this dōjutsu, Hagaromo could perform the Limbo: Border Jail technique, creating corporeal shadows which are only visible to the Rinnegan. Rinnegan allows you to shift spaces within a certain range of yourself. Rinnegan of Uchiha also retained there Sharingan powers, including mangeyo sharingan  technique, Amaterasu,and the ability to cast powerful genjutsu, wich is very powerful. The Rinnegan grants the user multiple abilities which are collectively referred to as the Six Paths Technique. The Deva Path can be used to attract and repel targets. The Asura Path can clad the user in mechanised armour and grant them various weapons. The Human Path can read minds, at the cost of ripping out the victim's soul. The Animal Path can summon various creatures which sport copies of the user's Rinnegan. The Preta Path can absorb chakra in any form. The naraka Path can make use of the King of Hell for interrogation and restoration.
In addition, the user is granted the Outer Path, which gives them control over life and death. It also allows the user to bind those who touch their chakra receivers as well as manifest the chakra chains of the Demonic Statue, which can be used to bind and control tailed beasts in a similar fashion to the Sharingan and Wood Release. The Outer Path grants a shared field of vision between the Rinnegan wielder, the King of Hell, and the creatures and reanimated corpses which have copies of the user's Rinnegan. By embedding up to six corpses with chakra receivers, the user can control the corpses as additional bodies, referred to as the Six Paths of Pain. The corpses possess copies of the user's dōjutsu and each can utilise one of the abilities of the Six Paths Technique, though their usage is inferior to that of the user's main body. The various abilities of the Rinnegan remain intact upon being transplanted into another individual, but only when both eyes are wielded by the original owner can their full power be accessed. Also, only an original owner of this dōjutsu has demonstrated the ability to deactivate the Rinnegan. Because of its ocular power and potent chakra, not all individuals are capable of handling a transplanted Rinnegan, a trait which is worsened by attempting to implant two. It is unknown what effect this dōjutsu has on one's chakra reserves. The Rinnegan also has the ability to negate the blindness of an eye and restore its previous powers upon its awakening. I think that you can get Rinnegan after getting Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan but that is only a theory. So what do you think of Rinnegan " asked Pain.


    " I have to report this directly to Arcanis if he was to ever return " said Kyojin out loud. " You fool what if Arcanis only steals the eyes for him self. Have you ever thought of that as a possibility " said Envy. Kyojin shook his head " he would not do that remember when I killed Moon Arcanis did not want to kill him " said Kyojin. Kyojin laughed then flashed back to the time when he read about Hogaromo Otsuttsuki.

 " In distant time, mankind fought countless battles, leaving the earth soaked in blood. A tree would grow from the blood of the deceased, getting attention of the Ōtsutsuki clan, as it bore a fruit of great power. Princess Kaguya, leader of the clan, would later consume the fruit to transcend and bring peace using her unrivaled power. Seen as a deity by people and called the Rabbit Goddess, Kaguya settled down amongst them, as she would eventually get pregnant and bear twin sons. However, Kaguya had grown despotic, the power having clouded her judgment, resorting to control mankind by force, something which would change her public image of a benevolent goddess into that of a demon . In a fit of jealousy that her children had inherited her chakra, Kaguya merged with the Shinju to turn against her own sons in a form of the monstrous Ten-Tails. After a fierce battle, with Hagoromo and Hamura standing victorious, the tailed beasts were made from her chakra, with her body sealed to form the core of a celestial body that would be known as the Moon. Hamura succeeding leadership of the clan later departed along with the rest of the Ōtsutsuki to the moon in order to guard their late princess , while Hagoromo would stay in order to spread chakra to the humanity and teach them the concept of Ninshū. For a thousand years, the descendants of Hamura sealed their eyes within the Tenseigan altar, a giant orb accumulating tremendous power. If they determined that mankind were using their chakra for evil after a millennium, they would unleash that power upon them. ". Rikaro had his mouth opened from what he had just read as well as the twins." Woah I am happy the Otsutsuki clan is on the moon. Hopefully they can not come back down to earth. 

        Kyojin did not know why but he could remember stuff so good maybe it was because of the Rinnegan power that he had obtained. Kyojin finally had gotten out if the Mizukage office without breaking anything. Kyojin looked out along the village breathing in the bloody mist as he called it all the time and screamed." VILLAGERS COME OUT OF YOUR HOME I HAVE IMPORTANT NEWS TO TELL EVERYONE ". Villagers pored out of there homed as quivkly as possible and came to the middle of the village." I HAVE OBTAINED THE RINNEGAN WHICH MEANS THE SAGE OF SIX PATHS HAS RETURNED " screamed Kyojin as he fist pumped in the air the villagers screaming. Kyojin smiled he would become savior of this world. But first he needed to find Arcanis to tell him how to unlock Rinnegan. Kyojin headed back towards the Mizukage tower talking to Envy." So this is the power of the Sage of Six Paths. Is not that much let me take over your body and you will be even more powerful " said Envy. Kyojin smirked and said " Envy how many times do I have to tell you to shu the hell up. I will never let you take over my body. Also if you ever do takeover my body I would be under a genjutsu hahaha " laughed Kyojin. Envy was getting really annoywing though with his jealousy of people. Kyojin walked into the tower and in front of him stood Kimo Yu perfectly healthy." How the hell did you survive Amaterasu " said Kyojin as he got into a taijutsu stance." Simple that was another person that resembled me so I could fake my death. Did you actually think I would be that weak " said Kimo as he charged to Kyojin.  Kyojin kicked his left foot up and ducked giving Kimo a feet upper cut and him dodging Kimos punch to the face." You will not survive this time " said Kyojin angry.

     Kyojin Rinnegan eyes blazed purple with power. Kyojin screamed " ALMIGHTY PUSH " and the Mizukage tower seemed to tear apart blowing away. Kimo body ripped in half also blowing away. After he used the jutsu Kyojin fell to the ground ezausted." Wow Rinnegan is so powerful " he said to no one in particular." I have to admit that one was powerful but do it again so I can take over your body when you are near death " said Envy jealous that he did not have the same power." Envy please just stop being jealous of what I can do. If you shut up I may allow you to take over my body " Kyojin lied." Hahahas I am in your head I know you are lying " said Envy while laughing. 

    Kyojin looked at the wall around him it was completely blown apart as well as the roof. Kyojin headed out the Mizukage office and went down into a small cave on the out skirts of the village to find a boulder.  Kyojin would write the story of the endless war of the Uchiha and Yu clan and how they kept coming back weaker. Kyojin looked around and then looked out side the cave and saw the village. The village would have never suffered if it had any defenses. The village sat out in the open ready to be attacked." I need to give this village defenses " said Kyojin out loud. " This village will no longer jh as long as I am alive " said Kyojin as he turned back around to write the story. Kyojin extended his index finger and began to write with his earth release carving words into the large boulder. Kyojin looked back at his village one more time. The Sage of Six Paths has returned and will lead the world into greatness along side Arcanis and Kirito. Kyojin turned back and continued to write his first sentence saying " Rikaro walked with the twins Tan and Zaku ".


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I suppose, Approved, go claim in limitieds


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The New Chapter
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