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 The Tail

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PostSubject: The Tail   Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:25 pm

Walking around Umi Village Kyojin looked around." I have nothing to do my path is out of comension so I can not use is as a training partner. Envy any ideas you can think of " said Kyojin as he sat up under a tree closing his eyes." Maybe you could stop being a nonsense and stop asking Envy for questions " said a voice that was not Envy's in Kyojins head. Kyojin jumped up and screamed out loud " who the hell are you and what are you doing in my head ". Simple I am one of the nine tailed beast who has been in your body since your 1 hear after your birth " said the voice who revealed him self as one of the tailed beast. Kyojin sighed and said " you've got to be kidding me in his head. Not only do I have one voice I now have two people will think I'm crazy if they here my brain conversations. " said Kyojin." So which talked beast are you " said Kyojin." I am Kouko the 5 tails. Bow down to me you puny human " said the beast. Kyojin sighed and said " oh my god I have another power hungry entity with in me. I would kill my self if Samehada started to talk ".

Kyojin almost cried if Samehds could talk it would be not amazing he would always be asking for chakra." Puny human have you ever heard of a bijuu cloak " said Kouko. He thought about it never had he heard of a bijuu cloak. "No I have not what is it " Kyojin asked Kouko." It is a form only Jinchuuriki like your self can use. I will allow you to use this form if you defeat me in battle. You will be fighting a clone of your self that is in the bijuu form. The only reason I am allowing you to do this is because you have my fathers eyes and you know who my father is. " said Kouko as he went quiet. Kyojin nodded " so I guess this form is based on tails " Kyojin laughs." Yes it is you must unlock 5 tails to master my first form " said Kouko." To do that imagine your self in a arena that is filled with red light no stages just a circle arena filled with red light. This is what you must do every time you which to unlock the next tail " said Kouko. 

Kyojin nodded and imagined the arena. It appeared it was about the size of a small lake enough room to battle something. Out of no where appeared a person the exact same height as him with the exact same features except he was covered in a bubbly red chakra cloak." So this is the bijju chakra cloak " said Kyojin in a whisper.The chakra pouring from the clone felt evil like it would kill him at any second. Kyojin attempted to activat his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan but it did not work. Then he tried Rinnegan but it did not works." Hahahaha this is my world in hear. I control what can happen. NOW FIGHT " said Kouko. The clone charged towards him ready ,it had one large tail swinging behind it. Kyojin knew what Kouko was doing he wanted pure skill in the fight. No chakra based attacks." YOU WANT PURE SKILL I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU " said Kyojin as he dodged the claws of the jincjuuriki clone. Even with out Sharingan the Uchiba clan members could still pin point what was wrong with the person movements by studying there body. The clon of the Jinchuuriki was on its hands and feet like four legs. It charged like a mad animal. Did this clone have thoughts? Could it be worked up to get even madder?. Kyojin said words he regretted but needed to be done." You know your clan are nothing but scum bags that take power from there eyes " said Kyojin. The clone showed signs of emotion it aura appeared to flare. There it goes thought Kyojin. Them the clone charged like a raging bulled Kyojin waited for a move he practiced. As soon as the clone teeth would come to his stomach he would jump in the air do a back flip landing in front of the clone with his right hand out like a hammer." I call that move Hammer Time " Kyojin laughed. The clone seemed to disappear into mist. 

Kyojin had thought the fight was over but it was no where near over. Another clone had come this one appeared smarter but it had 2 tails swinging behind it. Could it be that this was the second form of Kouko's bijuu cloak. Kyojin studied the clone. Then Kyojin thought of something could his oath come hear as well. Kyojin concentrated and felt some hit the ground on the side of him. Good he had back up. Him and Deva Path ran towards the clone the two of them exchanged kicks and punches with the clone quicker then lighting. Both him and Deva path jumped back and watched the clone. Then they jumped back in Kyojin was getting tired from the fighting and begun to fight harder. Finally he landed a hit that sent the clone flying. Deva Oath at a immense speed appeared behind him and kicked the clone back at Kyojin. Kyojin saw the combo so he ducked low and when the clone would appear above him he would give it a upper cut going into the air. As the clone would go into the air. Deva Oath would jump in the air and kick it to the ground. The clone as it hit the ground appeared life less. This time Kyojin felt that the clone had finally been defeated." Good job you have successfully beat the clone without any casualties I will now send you back to the real world " Kouko to Kyojin. Kyojin got up off the ground as he appeared in the real world. "Kouko I hope we have more time to talk " said Kyojin." Of course you dumb fool we do I am trapped inside your body " said Kouko angry. Kyojin laughd pledging to remember this day.


Claiming first V1 tail

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PostSubject: Re: The Tail   Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:29 pm

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The Tail
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