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Bloodline Name: Rinnegan
Originating Clan: It originated from Otsutsuki clan but Uchiha unlock it from Sharingan
Appearance: Rinnegan RINNEGAN
History: N/A

What it does:

Basic Abilities:

• All the abilities of the Sharingan.

• Allows the wielder to learn all five basic chakra natures, every nature learned through this method has the 3rd element wordcount x2. (4,000 words)

• Allows shared vision with all who bears the users Rinnegan eyes. (Clones, paths, etc.)

Deva Path:


Grants the user the use of the Shinra Tensei, this allowing the user to focus Yin-Yang Chakra into gravity and expel it outwards.  The Shinra Tensei can be used in two different ways, the first being projected from the hands in a manner similar to a projectile.  The projectile version can be at maximum, 3 meters wide in all directions, and can travel up to a maximum of 25 meters.  The second use is an omnidirection sphere of gravity expelled outwards, this is limited to 5 meters in size.  

All Shinra Tensei techniques have the speed and power of S-rank and cost C-rank it costs B rank for double handed Shinra Tensei  also the power and speed for double hand is SS all uses put a 3 post cooldown on the Shinra Tensei regardless of which variant used, both hands can be used for double size push but puts the gravity powers on a 6 post cooldown.

• Grants the user the use of the Bansho Tenin, this allowing the user to focus Yin-Yang Chakra into Gravity and attract objects.  Bansho Tenin can only be used through the hands, allowing one to pull objects and people towards them, the point of attraction is only at maximum one meter in size in all directions and can only focus on one object per hand, the maximum range of pull is 25 meters.

All Bansho Tenin uses have the speed and power of S-rank and cost C-rank, all uses put a 3 post cooldown on the Bansho Tenin, both hands can be used to pull objects but will put the ability on a 6 post cooldown.[i]

Shinra Tensei and Bansho Tenin can be used in conjunction, but with a one post delay between uses.  If used at the same time, both powers go on a 6 post cooldown

 Grants the user the use of Chibaku Tensei, this allows the user to preform an even greater version of the Shinra Tensei.  By forming a condensed sphere of gravity chakra between ones hands, they can then "fire" it with a palm thrust towards a chosen location at the speed of SS.  The technique travels for 50 meters, and has a pull range of 100 meters.  Once it reaches it's max, the sphere which was normally only two inches in spherical diameter expands to one meter in size.  Once the sphere reaches its location which counts as one post of preparation, it begins a gravity pull with a potency of SS.  The sphere has a "health" of SS, the only way to stop the technique is to destroy the sphere with consecutive techniques totaling SS power, or with one with SS power.  The sphere if not attacked for one whole post, will regenerate from all damage.  The sphere will pull forth all terrain and pack it around the sphere to protect it, having a continuous pull for 6 posts.  All terrain packed around the sphere is enhanced by the chakra of the sphere, granting it a health of SS. Only ninjutsu can damage the sphere. SS chakra to use.

[i]During the duration of Chibaku Tensei, both Shinra Tensei and Bansho Tenin cannot be used. Chibaku Tensei can only be used once per topic.  If used through one of the Six Paths, all other paths will be rendered immobile for two posts after the launch of the sphere, and the Deva Path must be within 25 meters of the user.

Animal Path:

• Grants the user the ability to summon the six paths, and or up to five marked targets without a blood tribute. (Targets must accept the mark, it shows no physical signs and is placed via the palms.  It can be canceled at any time.)

• Grants the user the ability to summon Rinnegan exclusive summons, and grants them one free A-Rank, and two B-Rank summons.

Preta Path:

• Grants the user the ability to absorb chakra, this ability can be used in two different ways.  First is through a translucent intangible 3 meter sphere formed around the user, this sphere allows the user to absorb any chakra construct that comes in contact with the sphere.  The user gaims chakra during the absorbing process the amount of chakra gained is B rank, the users chakra capacity must be the rank of the jutsu and below to asorb, this occurs at the users reaction time.  The user can also absorb chakra in an open circuit though this method, this making it so ninjutsu amplifications, or Jinchuriki cloaks can be absorbed should they enter the zone just like normal ninjutsu, the user however must have more chakra than the total amount of amplifications a C rank.  The second method is through physical contact, should the user grab hold of a target they can absorb their chakra directly, absorbing B chakra per post that they are held. When E or less chakra is hit, the target is rendered knocked out for the remainder of the topic. (You have to hold them during their entire next post of trying to get away and if so you get the actions at the end of their post if they cannot escape.)

Bubble costs C chakra
Physical contact only has a cost of C rank if they are unable to hold the target down for the first post.

Barrier absorb lasts for at maximum two posts with a two post cooldown, can only absorb constructs that are at maximum 6 meters.  Physical absorbing has no cooldown.  Ranks gained are temporary and expire at the end of the thread

Human Path:

• Grants the user the ability to read a targets mind via putting their hand upon their head, a hold must be held for at minimum two posts before the power can be used.  Once activated the target will enter a trance like state, their memories able to be read in their entirety, the soul however is pulled from the body resulting in the targets death at the conclusion of the technique. To use this ability costs B chakra

Asura Path:

• Allows the user to enter a cyborg like state, growing at maximum, two extra arms, three extra faces, and a serrated blade tail.  All additional body parts have the same stats as the user, the tail however has what would be strength converted into sharpness.  The bladed tail can retract into the user, re merging with their flesh, or elongating to a maximum length of two meters, and a width of one foot with the tip of the spear coming to a point.

• Allows the user to "open" their head to reveal a device capable of firing a laser, the user can fire said laser from their head in any direction they wish.  The laser has the raw power and speed of SS the user however to avoid being blown back by the backlash must have at minimum 1/2 the power of the laser in strength to brace themselves.  Costs A chakra, 6 post cooldown, can only be used through the path.

• Allows the user the ability to propel chakra from their feet as a means to enhance their speed, once every four posts the user can produce chakra from the soles of their feet to propel the target in the desired direction with the speed of S .If used while running, it will add a rank to chakra.  The amplification from the propulsion only lasts for one post, and is only during the movement action, not for the rest of the body. B chakra to do.

• Allows the user to launch their hands like a projectile, the hands separating at the wrist to reveal machinery of sorts.  The hand can fly at S speed, and rounds up to S strength, it is chakra controlled by the user and cannot get more than 25 meters away. If it get past its range the thrusters go out and it must be manually collected.  The hand can only make 90 degree turns and can only be manipulated for 2 posts before the thrusters go out and it must be manually collected.  If destroyed the user can replace their limb through the Asura Path at a cost of SS chakra  Costs B chakra to shoot your arm.

Asura Path only lasts for at maximum, 6 posts.  Cooldown is 2X the posts used, and no other path powers can be used while in the Asura Path State.

Naraka Path:

• Allows the user access to the King of Hell, an otherwise invisible being summoned by the user of the Rinnegan.  The King of Hell can preform two unique functions when used through the Naraka Path.  

• First, the user can use it for interrogation.  The user must grapple their opponent by the throat, if their chakra is higher than the target they can conjure the King of Hell behind them, granting vision of it to those trapped.  The targets once trapped have their "tongue" elongate from their mouth only to be grasped by the King of Hell.  The user can question the targets for interrogation, if given false information the "tongue" of the target is ripped out, along with their soul.  Those that are captured are still possible of mobility, and thus can break free if able.  If the target refuses to answer the question, their soul can be optionally removed after three posts.  If the truth is told however the King of Hell cannot harm them, only one request can be made. A chakra to use.

• Second use is for restoration, allowing the user to summon forth the King of Hell to heal injury of the Six Paths if they are in use.  If damaged, the King of Hell must ingest at minimum, 1/2 the body. (Must ingest all of the remains, but you can only repair the body if at least 1/2 is left)  The King of Hell remains in place during the duration of the restoration, it takes two posts to fully repair a path, the mouth opening after the conclusion of the second post allowing the path to exit.  The King of Hell when used for this purpose has a health stat of SS, if destroyed it cannot be summoned for the rest of the topic and the path inside it (If there is one) is lost for the rest of the topic, being restored after the topic.
Should the user use the use through themselves, they can activate a restoration process of their own being, this can heal any injury the user has, including the regeneration of limbs at the speed of their body reaction time. Personal use can only be used twice a topic and costs B chakra for all uses.

• The user can also take the restoration one step further, by having the King of Hell emerge the user can have it summon forth all recently passed souls and send them to their designated bodies.  The resurrection can only occur if the targets passed away during the same topic.  The targets must have a body for the soul to go back to otherwise it will not work, when revived all fatal wounds will be healed but the body will still be in the state it was last in.  Using this ability costs S chakra, if used without having S chakra the user dies as the cost.  The King of Hell during this process is intangible, being a medium between the pure and impure world.  The resurrection can only be used by the originalRinnegan user, not the paths.

The King of Hell can also be used in conjunction with the Human Realm, having it eat the souls of those that have had it removed, having the option to resurrect the targets at a later date.

Outer Path:

• Grants the user the ability to craft chakra rods from their body, these rods can be multiple sizes and are produced from the users wrist, the rods having a maximum length of one meter, and a set thickness of one inch.  The rods have the health and sharpness of S.  The rods can be used in multiple different ways.

• First, when placed into a corpse, the use can animate it and control it as a puppet with their chakra, making it one of the six paths.  There can be only six animated corpses at a time, and only one can have a path power at any given time.  Rods can be removed to change path bodies.  Each path also has their own stamina, although the body is directed with the users chakra, the body itself is only capable of so much, being unresponsive if the actions run out.  The paths can only be controlled if they are within one mile of the user.  The paths must be player corpses, they can be freely amplified with armor and weapons but nothing else, you cannot give the paths extra Dojutsu or Bijuu.  All paths have false "Rinnegan" eyes the user can see through, the eyes are not true Rinnegan and are simply a manifestation caused by the users chakra being used to control them, upon death or if control ceases the eyes return to normal. (False Rinneganoverrides any and all Dojutsu)  When making a path it costs 2,000 words,  your path when you make will have the same stats as you seeing as you are the one controlling it.

• When used for anything other than the Path Creation the user can only produce at maximum, twenty rods.  These rods if impaled into a target can flow the users chakra into them, if the users chakra surpasses the targets they will be rendered immobile.  The users full chakra stat exists in one rod, so if multiple are used the effects will stack thus crippling the target of all jutsu and rendering them incapable of movement.  Due to the user only able to have so many out at a time, it is noted one will go to great lengths as shown canonly to retrieve them.  All paths can make chakra rods, but they each have their own chakra, but no more than twenty can be made between all of them and the main user.

Costs E chakra per rod you make outside of path creation.

Extra Info:

• The Rinnegan if removed, will stay in the Rinnegan state.  The full powers cannot be used unless the transplanted host meets all prior requirements aside from the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, they instead must have Uchiha blood in their body.  The eyes will only stay Rinnegan and will not revert to normal.  Stolen Rinnegan with unfit hosts can only make paths and use the abilities through them but at 2x the chakra.

• You cannot use more than 3 Path Powers in the same post, if you use Deva and Naraka in one post, you have to wait till the next post to use a different power.  This merely allows you to use 2 path powers simultaneously. You must still pay the chakra cost for each ability and they each go on their normal cooldown. This only effects the user using them through their own body.

Chakra Cost: It cost one D rank to activate Rinnegan


Controllable Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan that turns off and on

Have Wood Release as an element

Senju DNA

5,000 words on a combination of using EMS and Wood Release

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[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
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Approved, unless any other staff objects.

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