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 The Third

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PostSubject: The Third   Wed Feb 18, 2015 4:58 pm

Kyojin would sit in the Mizukage chair and kat his head back ready to get his third version two tail. As he closed his eyes and meditated he felt him self going into the place where he battled the clones. Kouko had revealed to him when he started to get version two tails that he could use ninjutsu and other things in battle. But he had refrained from doing that because he had needed to improve his Taijutsu skills. As he entered the red place the clone was all ready in front of him anxious to battle. It had seemed that while getting version two tails the clone instantly died instead of coming back more powerful like in version one. The clone charged Kyojin as he stared. A orb of of bluish white chakra danced in his right hand ready to explode. As the clone leaped up for a blow Kyojin would raise his hand towards where the clone was coming and blow the clone back. The clone stayed down dead." Easy as ever it seems my skills are improving Kouko " yelled Kyojin while being teleported back to the real world." Yes they are but for the last two tails it will be as hard as ever " said Kouko's reply.

Claming 1 stat and third V2 tail

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PostSubject: Re: The Third   Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:00 pm

(Rubs temples) this has got to be the laziest solo, but approved


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The Third
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