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 The Fourth

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PostSubject: The Fourth   Wed Feb 18, 2015 6:58 pm

Kyojin walked around the out skirts if the village looking for the island over the water with his sharp eyes." Now remember the island is actually a giant turtle that is even bigger than Bijuu. You have to respect the island nature and wild life. Now for the animals I have one thing to say. They are as tall as you all of them standing on there hind legs and they are very very rude " laughed Kouko." When you get to the island you must look for a water fall. You will not go into the waterfall do you understand. I will tell you when it is time to go in the water fall " said Kouko. Kyojin nodded his head and finally spotted the island. He jumped on the water and began to run towards the island." Now when we fight you will feel more powerful so the fight will be easy " said Kouko. Kyojin nodded and arrived at the island ready to master his tails. As he got to the shore of the island he saw large spikes poking out of the turtle or island." You must jump through those spikes to get to the island " said Kouko. Kyojin nodded and jumped to the lowest spike. After jumping on the spike Kyojin swiftly jumped through the others ones finally landing on the forest green ground of the island. Kyojin looked around and heard birds chirping. He smelled the air it smelled of sea salt and wood. The smell was a mixture of Tanzakus smell and Umi smell. Kyojin smiled and headed to look around the island to find the water fall. As he looked around he saw a lion with golden fur." Hello uhhh Lion can you direct me to the Bijuu Waterfall " asked Kyojin. The lion turned and swiftly ran up to Kyojin." How in fucks sakes do you know my name and how the hell did you get in the island " said the Lion who revealed its name to be Lion. Kyojin sweat dropped he didn't expect that." Uhhhh the Bijuu Kouko sent me here for training you see I am a Jinchuuriki " said Kyojin. The Lion released him and pointed to his right " the island is that way and tell Kouko long time no see ". The Lion continued wherever he was heading.

After several hours of walking. Kyojin saw the waterfall in mass glory. Kyojin went to the water fall and sat in front of the shire of it." What am I supposed to do biw " asked Kyojin." I am going to tell you of your powers as a Jinchuuriki that I have not revealed to you yet " said Kouko. Kyojin nodded and waited for Kouko to say something." First as a Jinchuuriki you get the element I have. The element I have is Steam Release you have the ability to manipulate hot steam as you please. Last there is the Bijuu Bomb you get after finally mastering the long waited version two. The Bijuu bomb is a powerful railed beast technique that can destroy a village it moves so fast that it can cross a ocean in a latter of seconds " said Kouko. Kyojin believed the steam release element part but that Bijuu bomb was over exaggerated." Uhhh so is this Bijuu Bomb serious business " asked Kyojin." Yes it is and be happy Envy will be a sleep this whole trip or he would have been begging to take over your body " said Kouko. "Now you have obtained the fourth tail of version two " said Kouko who Kyojin know had a smirk on his face." How " asked Kyojin. Simply because I key you " said Gibu.

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The Fourth
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