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 Mark Seal

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Arcanis Lord of Time
Arcanis Lord of Time

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PostSubject: Mark Seal   Mark Seal EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 10:32 pm

Name: Mark Seal
Element: -
Rank: E
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu

Appearance: A simply dot mere milometers wide
Handseals: -
Duration: Until removed
Cooldown: -
Range: Touch
Power: -
Speed: -
Health: -
Stat Boosts: -
What it does: The seal is applied on touch and stays visible only briefly. It is originally meant for tracking, but can be used for a number of techniques, including human summoning. However this jutsu by it'self does nothing but tag a person or thing with a low level fuin jutsu. the only thing beneficial from this jutsu is the user will be able to sense their chakra on the thing.

The most notable feature is that is it invisible to both naked eye and chakra vision. A closer inspection by a fuuinjutsu specialist would reveal it, though.

Character Specific: -
Wordcount to learn: 250
Chakra Cost: 5
Bonus Requirements: -
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Kirito the Forest Sage
Kirito the Forest Sage

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PostSubject: Re: Mark Seal   Mark Seal EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 11:06 pm

The Forest Sage Approves
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Mark Seal
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