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 Yamato [LW]

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Name: Yamato
Backstory: The Yamato is a legendary sword imbued with magic; said to be the sharpest sword ever created. It was created in the demon realm by demon lord Sparda. He had the intention of using the sword to keep the gateway between the demon realm and the world inhabited by humans closed. However, not all things go well. Virgil, son of Sparda, had escaped the demon realm with the legendary weapon during a war. His goal? Wipe out humanity.

Health: S
Sharpness: S

Special Abilities:

Dimensional Cut: With Yamato, the user sheathes the blade, using C rank to generate glowing arcs around their opponent. A maximum of ten arcs are created to bind the opponent in place, requiring a technique with B power and above to break out of the binding lock. At the user's will, they can choose to unleash a fury of slashes using the blade arcs. They have a power of A. The blade arcs can only be formed within a 50m radius.

Summoned Swords Using the Yamato's power, the user can generate a protective ring of floating swords [8] around their body. They can be controlled through the user's thought and have defensive and offensive properties. Each blade carries the sharpness and can defend against attacks with power levels of A and below. Anything above A will shatter the blades and destroy the defense. These blades move at a speed of B and can deal quite some damage. B to activate. (Note: Swords can be called back, if thrown, at a speed of S)

Devil Trigger: At the cost of A, the user can call upon the demonic magic of the Yamato. Once that occurs they transform into a demonic form that grants the user an increase of 2 ranks to all stats and regenerative properties, at a speed of B. Only mid-level wounds can be healed. (Ie. Deep gashes, stab wounds, etc.) Devil trigger only active for 6 posts and D rank is given up every post active.

Price: Event weapon
Character Specifc: -
Requirements: Chakra must be over 60.
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Yamato [LW]
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