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 Arcanis awakens the Tenseigan

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Arcanis Lord of Time
Arcanis Lord of Time

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PostSubject: Arcanis awakens the Tenseigan   Fri Feb 27, 2015 2:30 pm

Seems that the experiments had payed off. Well one of them. He had many that he was planning on in the near future. One of which was extracting the Nara techniques from the Nara body that he had received from a nameless man last 14th of February. But that was in the future. The man was suspended in a time lock so it was not urgent. Right now Arc had to focus on training his eyes. A quick Ocular recombination replaced the eyes in the back of his head with the Byakugan that he had received from Kikato. The Kazekage's eyes were the eyes of the Hyuga clan and he had already awakened them so Arcanis had no problems activating the eyes. “Byakugan!” he announced in his fortress of silence. The veins on the back of his head becam more pronounced. It was going to be very weird getting visual imput from 4 eyes as opposed to just 2. however With the imput of the byakugan he was now capable of seeing a full 360 degrees around him. And with the reaction speed of the Sharingan he would now have an incredible amount of power at his disposal. He was slowly evolving into a god.

It was time to take his out for a test run. Appearing in the wastes known to be inhabited by the Hollows Arc would go about finding one to fight. The hollows though having a summoning contract with Arcanis, were still somehow hostile to him as a beast would be to a predator in their territory. Arcanis had only contracted 2 Hollows from this area. One was simply a mask that hovered about and was actually very intellectually evolved compared to other beasts. It was actually capable of human speech and had a strong enough mind to carry out conversations with Arcanis. Multiple times the creature had rebuked Arcanis for still calling him a creature through all they had been through but Arcanis was still getting use to regarding other to be his equals even though he never really thought that way about others.

Striding into the darkly lit world of the desert surrounding his castle Arcanis found himself being followed....again. This presence wasn't nearly as formidable as the one Harribel had given him. Well Arc guessed he should call her Tier. That's what she had asked him to call her. It was a strange name which is why it felt weird to call her tier as opposed to Harribel. But the Girl, Hollow, Demon, Arc wasn't quite sure about her yet, had been Incredibly powerfull and had shown that she had the capability to override his absolute power in his own demension. She had been fast and a cunning warrior. Arc had no problem associateing her as an Equal to him. Few had ever gained that distinction.

Arc opened the Byakugan's eyes and capability to the power lieing dormant within. He was able to expand his vision to see completely 360 degrees in every direction. He was indeed being followed. But the thing he saw made him turn his head completely around. Be hind him were 3 of the largest creatures he had ever seen. Standing 50 meters tall were the largest Garagantua Menos Hollows he had ever seen. However on closer in spection the hollows moved at a speed that could only be described as slow as hell. Arc Drew out his Zanpakuto. It was time to show the beasts who was King of this jungle. “Jikan I will need your aid. Slow to a crawl, JIKAN YOKUSEI!” HE yelled as her power connected with his and his power nearly doubled. Shooting forward at enormous speed he almost missed the flash of red light as the Menos began to gather power into their mouths. It was an odd look. The Menos them selves almost had no form. It was like someone had draped a black cloth over a massive construction cone. And at the top a white oval mask with two eyes punched out and a long sharp nose protruding from the mask right above the hinged jaw. It was almost cartoon like. But Arc Didn't have the time to sit and marvel at the strange hollows. He made a grand leap to the right as the first blast struck the sand behind him. A mushroom cloud of sand was thrown high in the air. The shock wave hit Arc in the back as the whole area was swallowed in a dust cloud. Seems the creatures have been here longer than he had as they had naturally adapted to the environment to fight their enemies. The dust cloud began to glow as the second attack was immenent. Arcanis pushed his power to the max and further activated the byakugan in such a way that the dust and sand were almost non existant. He saw the blast fire and he immediately responded leaping out of the way and continuing his attack.

He swung his blade firing off several chakra blades cuting through a couple of the Hollows. However the Menos didn't seem to be effected until Arc attacked the masks on their “heads”. This seemed to be the weak point of the Hollows. He would file that away for future use. The Menos turned and left. Arc could have pursued but the Menos now knew that he was in charge. Well he hoped they did anyway. He hoped they weren't just going to get reinforcements. He really had no desire to kill the inhabitants only to make them understand that he was their ruler. The same was true with the people of the ninja world. He refected on his experience his overwhelming power pouring into the Byakugan eyes forced them to change. They received and produced all the information they normally did but they seem to awaken on a higher level. Returning to the castle Arc did his research and found that the eyes did in fact have a higher level of control. It was called the Tenseigan and the identifying factor was the eyes went from a whitish grey to a light blue. Arcanis had infact unlocked the Tesnseigan.

twc 1026
1000 unlocking tenseigan
26 toward chakra cloak

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Arcanis awakens the Tenseigan
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