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 Jun's Weekend of Fun (p)

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PostSubject: Jun's Weekend of Fun (p)   Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:07 pm

yet. He'd been raised within the confines of his own house for so long.

That's when he heard it. A loud rumbling overly Macho voice calling out his name. "Jun Watarase!" Jun spun on his heel ever the nimble ninja. To his soft brown eyes came the image of a man who was anything but soft. There was a Genin who could easily pass for a gorilla walking his way with a stride that just screamed purpose. Jun cringed and held himself ready. The man seemed familiar but Jun was sure that if he'd seen a man who looked like that then he'd never forget it. He'd certainly remember if he'd ever done something to upset someone like that! The guys face certainly wasn't giving anything away. It was bright read especially around his cheeks, Jun didn't know if that mean that he was mad. Or if it was just a side effect from all the 'roids he was obviously taking.

"Jun. " the man announced no longer far from him. Ye in fact he was but three feet from Jun and his person. "I've been watching you for a while now." Things never went well when they started like that did they? "and I'm in love with you!" The man got down on his knee and bowed his head.

"Whaaaaaa?" Jun cried out his jaw dropping to the ground. What was happening?

The man looked up at Jun his black eyes were sparkling in the artificial light of the pavilion. "Will you marry me?"

The Pavilion all of it even the elders went quite, and people seemed to have made room for the love birds. There were excited giggles from the girls, and even a few jealous sighs from the guys. Jun was burning bright red and was totally and completely humiliated. He held both his hands to his mouth to stop him self from gasping. Was this guy crazy?

"Well there's just one thing wrong with your proposal." Jun paused and let out a sly smile. He had this guy right where he wanted him. "I'm a boy."

The gasps from the pavilion could be heard around the world. "W - Wha - What?" The roided up love bird stammered. "But, but you're so beautiful!" He as well as most of the other men in the pavilion were over the moon with surprise. Could someone as out right pretty as Jun really be a boy?

Jun sighed and pulled out his wallet, flipping it open to his Ninja identification card. "See? Jun Watarase, 18 Male." He held it out to the man and then the crowd. "Confirmed Male!" He announced with a smidgen of pride flipping his wallet and and putting back into his back pocket.

The man still down on his knee in the proposal stance began to shudder. Poor guy, the shame was too much. "I I don't care!" The Man shouted grabbing a hold of Jun's hand and holding it to his face. "When I asked to to marry me I didn't just mean in the short term! I meant for all time! For better or worse, in sickness or in health, Male or Female!" He looked back at Jun his eyes shining with hope. "So what do you say."

Jun bit his lip. He'd never been so utterly confused in all his life before. Not to mentioned embarrassed. What could he say? Other than: "Goodbye." Jun gripped a hold of the man's hand and with a mighty wing, we went flying over Jun's head and through a near bye wall.

Jun brushed his jacket off and straightened it back up. He went to the Mission Desk and grabbed the scroll that'd been set aside for him. After he'd read it and turned to leave the pavilion. Before he was completely gone he held his fist high above the air. "Jun Watarase!" He shouted. "Confined male!" Of course by that time the situation had died down and everyone had lost interest in Jun and his would be fiance'.

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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Weekend of Fun (p)   Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:59 pm

Jun floated into his room. His body felt incredibly heavy. It'd been a long day of ninjaing. Not to mention he'd had some dude propose to him earlier. That was certainly a high light in the day. And not in a good way. He chucked his bag over into a nearby corner and dropped down on his bed with a sigh. Why didn't people see how incredibly awesome he was during his mission today? If the'd seen him in action then they'd certainly be changing their tone now wouldn't they? He turned over in his sheets the threw his shoes off with an agile kick of his feet.

He turned over in his bed once more. He could't find a comfortable spot. He was too antsy. Too high strung he simply couldn't stand still. He kept replaying the scene over and over, and over in his head. He was getting nauceaus from it. Compared to the ninja training he'd gone through today that should have been the least of his worries today. You'd think. But Jun couldn't stop thinking about it! How could anyone mistake him for a girl!

He jumped from his bed. Lying down wasn't doing him any good. He walked over to his body length mirror set in on of the his room's corners. He took a look at himself. Okay so he was kind of feminine that he could not deny. He was a slight young man, with a small wasit and hips. He had longs limbs, and his fingers were capped with well taken care of finger nails. His lips were oh so kissable, and his eye lashes could make a horse jealous. His silky pink hair didn't help him much either. Sure he had some feminine qualities but he was quite obviously male. Right?

He leaned in sticking his tongue out at his reflection. He smiled a bit looking at how silly he'd been today. That guy was an idiot. His brain obviously too clouded by steoriods to see the testosterone dripping male that was Jun Watarase. Jun gave his reflection one last smile and let out a small laugh. He was feeling much better now. It was funny how making funny faces in the Mirror could brighten a person's mood just like that.

"Huh?" Speaking of brightening. There was a spot on the mirror right between his eyes in the reflection. The spot was this bright little thing, and getting brighter every second. But it was weird. It wasn't like the light was being reflected by the mirror, it was like the light was coming from withing the mirror. What in the world was that? Or a better question would have been. What out of the world is that? Ho ho ho. If you see what i did there. Jun tenderly pulled his finger upwards to the glowing spot on his mirror. He gently placed his index finger on the spot, careful not to burn his finger in case it ended up being liquid glass or something horrifying like that.

It was like a button. The moment Jun touched that glowing spot, he felt a bolt of lighting fly through his body.He felt himself get jolted back, fly across the room, and slam into the opposite wall. He felt his body feel off from the wall and his his mattress before consciousness left him. Well that'd been rather unexpected.
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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Weekend of Fun (p)   Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:05 pm

Jun woke up with a great struggle. It felt like he was pulling his consciousness off of a tar plated street. He wiggled his heavily eye lashed eye lids open and found himself still in his room, just as he'd left it. He'd almost been expecting it to be blown up after whatever had just happened. He rubbed his head, running his hand through his pink silky hair. "What the heck was that?" He moaned pulling himself up to his knees. "Huh?" He let out a small squeak. As a ninja Jun had a pretty good idea of his body. It's balance and weight distribution. So when he got on to his knees he noticed that he had some weight pulling down on him ... on his chest. "Eh?" He whispered feeling confused beyond belief. Surely not. Surely not. There was no way. With shaky hands Jun lifted his digits up to his chest, grabbing a hold of two petite breasts. On his own chest!

His hands flew away from his chest like they were on fire. "No! no no no no no!" he threw himself up against the wall, and used it as a support to stand himself up on his feet. "There's no way. Eep!" As he stood to his feet he noticed a second change in his weight. A noticeable lack of crotchial weight if you will. His family dynasty suddenly robbed of it's most precious jewls, if you get my drift. Let's just say that now anatomically a women. If you get what I'm putting down. Wait that wasn't allegory, that was actually what happened. Jun brought his hand down to his crotch in shock. "Dear god no." He announced with a shock wheezing of air. It'd been there when he'd woken up in the morning!

He didn't even have time to contimplate the ramifications of this situation. At his window came a desperate tapping. "Jun, Jun!" Came a raspy voice from the other side of the window.

"Eep!" Jun squeaked throwing himself under the covers of his bed. "I'm not dressed go away!" He shouted before burrowing his head into his pillow. "Strike me dead right now please." He begged to god or whatever other deity was out there that answered such morbid pleas.

"Jun let me in it's me Takeru!" The raspy voice called from behind the window. Surely not, Surley not! Takeru couldn't speak, he talked telepathically. This couldn't possibly be him! "You love otters, now let me in right now or I'm going to blow your wall down!" Yep that was Takeru.

Jun ran over to his window and peeked out. On the other side of his window was A tall well muscled man standing outside of her window. No gorilla large like the dude from earlier but still pretty buff. He looked at Jun through the window with a pair of dark sharp eyes. His hair was black and feather. "Takeru?" Jun whispered through the glass.

"Who else would it be? Open up, I'm freaking out!" Jun paused for a moment. While at the moment he was freaking out him self about the sudden loss of his Y chromosome, seeing his Dragon freaking out about a transformation of his own. He couldn't help but take a moment to savor the despair of his proud dragon.. "Well?" He growled. Though he was currently in the form of a human, he still maintained his dragon's growl.

Jun slid open his window and let Human Takeru crawl through. He fell out of the window and straight on is face as he fell to the floor. "Are you alright?"

Takeru brushed Jun off and stood to his face. "Do I look alright? Something hit me and when I woke up I was like this! this is so disgusting, where are all my powers." He crossed his arms and his biceps bulged. "Well at least you're alright. I was afraid that someone was attacking you. I'm glad you're okay." Takeru was such a big brother. Even if he was a dragon he'd always looked after Jun, no matter how much he complained about it.

"Well." Jun announced sheepishly. "I'm not exactly alright." He groaned blushes eleven shades of pink, each more hyper saturated than the last. "I sort of had my own transformation..."
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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Weekend of Fun (p)   Sat Feb 28, 2015 7:05 pm

Jun stepped forward through the threshold of his house. He kicked off his shoes and ran to his bed room. He'd been unusually unsociable these last few weeks. Both of his parents had noticed this, but they simply waved it off as him becoming a teenage. He was kind of late bloomer, so maybe it was just him going through his angsty phase. Yeah surely that was it. I mean being a bit angsty wasn't the only thing that Jun seemed to have skipped on his trip into adult hood. Neither of his parents were entirely sure they'd seen him shaving before.

Jun closed the door to his room behind it and leand up aginst it. He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. Being the main character of a transgender comic sure could be tiring. Somehow it always seemed like he was getting into situations where he ended up almost getting found out, juuuuust before some deus ex machina jumped in to save his secret. Thank god. It was going to be hard enough to explian how he ended up as a girl in the first place, but explaining how he'd transformed back into boy would be even worse. That hand't happened yet but he was sure that soon it would. He hadn't given up hope that his willy would return to him any day now. He's been reading every book that the academy had on human physiology and, as well as gender psychology and a whole other slew of extremely nitche' categories that no sane person would ever take on as their life works. Jun was sure the the authors she'd been reading for the past four weeks all did their work in a broom closet office at some university, stowed away like a bunch of brooms. That may have been so but he was sure glad they, they were there. When he turned back he'd be sure to write them a thank you card for helping him through his crisis. Of course he'd have to leave out a few details. After all he was thankful but he didn't want them coming to him asking to many personal questions.

"Well?" Takeru stood up from the bed where he'd been taking a nap. He'd been living in Jun's room for the last month. It'd been a pretty ackward living arrangement but he could camp out in a guest room. How was jun suppose to explain away some random boy coming to live with them for an undefined amount of time. If jun was having a hard time living his his changes Takeru was going insane. At least Jun knew how to be human. Takeru was having a difficult time going from a ten foot tall dragon down to a 6 foot human. That was a whole four feet she had to cram into a human sized body. Jun had given up on buy lamps. It seemed like every time he plugged a new one in Takeru bumped into it and destroyed it.

Jun sighed and rolled his eyes as he pulled himself from the wall. "Do you have to ask that every time I come back into my room?"

Takeru gave a smirk and crossed his arms. Jun hated him so much, somehow even with out cheeks he'd been able to smirk as a dragon. Now as a human it was just that much more unbearable. "Well until you stop getting yourself into crazy situations yes. I'm your dragon. I'm suppose to protect you from everything. I can't do that when you keep me locked in here."

Sure he sounded dissatisfied but Jun wasn't sold. She'd never seen a proud warrior dragon become a caouch potato so quickly. Jun was starting to regret buy a T.V for his room. Every time he came back into it Takeru was there watching some sort of soap opera. "I'm a ninja I can take care of myself." Jun Shrugged his back pack of and let it fall to the floor. With quick hop he landed face first onto his head, and burried his face into his pillow. Letting out a long, and I mean long, sigh.

"Uh oh." Takeru announced. Jun could hear the smirk even wit his head buried into his pillow. "That sigh was much to strong for you to have, had a good day." Jun was about to speak but he felt Takeru's big hand fall down on the small of his back. Jun let out a quick squeak. What did he think he was doing? Touching him like that? "Tell me what happened."

Jun didn't move. "Nothing happened." He announced his voice muffled through the pillow. He sighed again. He felt like he was doing that an awful lot lately. He turned onto his back, accidently forcing Takeru's hand onto her inner tigh. Jun blushed and pulled himself into a sitting postion. Forcing Takeru's hand away. "It's just the same old stuff. I'm trying to stay positive. But What if I never turn back into a boy? What if I'm like this forever? What if?" Jun burned a bright red. Tears were forming at the corner of his eyes. "What if I'm like this so long that I get married and have children?" He chocked out the last part.

"Well that's dumb." Takeru announced. He pulled himself up and got on his knees on top of the bed. His big frame sunk a bit into the matress. "You'll still be you. You're not going to do anything that you don't want to do." Takeru gave a glittering smile and held a thumbs up to his chest. "And I'll make sure of that!"

Jun blushed and smiled. Stupid Dragon being so sweet. He was right. This body may not have belonged to him anymore, but his mind was still his! And his body obeyed his mind! Most of the time... There were however moments, when her body took over. Jun blushed again she didn't want to think about that. "You're a great dragon." He announced softly.

Takeru gave another glittering smile, and let out a quite roar. He came crashing down on top of jun. His eyes glinted. "A terrible human though." He growled sticking his tounge out at his human charge.

"I'll say." Jun giggled pushing away Takeru's face. He too giggled and moved his head back into place. Their faces were a good foot apart. After their giggles stopped the air was suddenly filled with a silent headiness that neither of them had fully expected. A fresh blush crawled up both their faces, and the silence became more than merely awkward. "You should probably get off." Jun whispered moving his face to the side.

Takeru's furrowed his brow in confusion. "What's this feeling? My chest feels tight."

"Maybe you're having a heart attack?" Jun sighed still looking away. This stupid dragon had no sense of personal space. She supposed that if he did then he wouldn't have accidentally knocked over every lamp she'd bought in the last month eh. He wasn't just really bad at being human he was terrible at it. It seemed that without his ability to read Jun's mind he was at a loss about what to do with his slayer. Jun was always catching him looking at her as if he was deep in though. Jun often wondered if he was trying to reestablish their mental link. Before the two of them never seemed to have any trouble understanding each other no matter what the situation was. Of course that was so easy when you knew eachother's every thought. Now Jun could read body language and could pretty easily see what Takeru was thinking. He didn't have much experience hiding his emotions so he usually wore them on his sleeves. Still she wondered if she was the only human he'd ever talked to. Telepathically or not. Jun could only imagine how frustrating just talking to someone was, when you were use to telepathic communication. He'd had to treat Takeru with a lot of patience in this last month. The dragon was always getting upset about tripping over his own words. Or just not understanding what Jun was trying to say.

"Maybe." Takeru whispered back. He put his hand on Jun's face and gently pulled her face to face his. "I want to kiss you." He announced matter of factually pulling his face down to her's and bringing the two of them into a lip lock.

Jun's eyes flew from a half open drowsy look to an entirely shocked eyes wide opened look. What was he doing? Why was her heart beating so fast. What was this feeling. What was this sensation? What was this life? Was this person really him? Was this person really her? 'What's happening to me? What's happening to you? Could this be the real be real, Takeru?'

Jun placed both her hands on Takeru's face. One on each cheek. He let out a soft moan and kept on kissing Jun.

With a powerful throw Jun Threw Takeru off of her and onto the floor. She jumped up onto her feet, and felt rage burning within her body. Like actually burning. She though she was going to be sick. She'd never been so angry in all life! "I'm still a guy!" Jun shouted angrily. Little metal scales were starting to form over HIS normally soft skin. "And you're right! I'm not going to do anything that I'm not okay with. Got that? So you can either get on board or get out of my way understand?" He fixed Takeru with a fierce some. Gaze. I most of been especially fearsome if it could make a dragon like Takeru look light a frightened dog.

He nodded. Fully placated by this time.

Good! Jun stood atop his bed triumphant. His skin had turned completely grey, and scaly like that of a dragon. He looked down at himself pretty impressed. "Haha!" He announced with a giggle. "I didn't think I had it in me."

Then with that another bolt of lighting came flying through his window striking him unconscious before he could fully react.

He woke up several hours later. The instant he woke up he could tell. "I'm back!" He whispered to himself fiercely, with a huge smile. First thing he was going to do now that he was a man again? Pee standing up.

As he got up he saw that a Takeru still lying on his floor. He was back to his dragon form and took up most of the free room on Jun's floor. He sighed slightly as he looked down upon his' dragon's form. He had a feeling that this whole Dragon, Dragon Slayer relationship thing had just gotten much more complicated.

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PostSubject: Re: Jun's Weekend of Fun (p)   

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Jun's Weekend of Fun (p)
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