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 Alt Character Rules

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PostSubject: Alt Character Rules   Sun Mar 01, 2015 8:57 pm

Alternate Character Creation Rules

The rules for creating an alternate character are slightly different than creating your first or main character however the template for them is the same. You can find the template under the character creation rules and template section. You are allowed to have up to 2 alts or 3 characters at maximum. Your alternate character may have a starting rank 2 ranks below the rank of your lowest character. For example, if you only have one character and it is at Kage or S rank you may make an alt starting as B rank. If you have two characters, one at S rank and one at B rank and you wish to make a third the highest rank it can start at is D because your lowest ranking character is a B rank.

Benefits of Making an Alt

Alternate characters are special in that they are granted certain things that would not normally be granted to a player's first character. These benefits are things such as skills, stats and jutsu. The starting benefits of each rank for an Alt is listed below.

E- Substitution, Transformation and basic Clone jutsu, aka the "Academy 3". 20 stats.

D- Academy three and 1 D rank jutsu. 60 stats. All skills free to D rank ninja.

C- Academy 3, 1 D rank and 1 C rank jutsu. 100 stats All skills free to C rank ninja.

B- Academy 3, 1 D, C and B rank jutsu. 150 stats. All skills free to B rank ninja.

A- Academy 3, 1 D, C, B and A rank jutsu. 200 stats. All skills free to A rank ninja.

The highest starting rank an Alt can have is A rank. You MUST obtain at least a C rank before you will be allowed to make an Alt. This goes for everyone. When it comes to Limited jutsu or clans, each character has their own set of limited slots. This means each character has 3 limited slots to use. This does not mean that you can use the limited slots from one character on a different one. The maximum number of limited things you may have is 3 per character. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Upon creating your Alternate character, the staff at NAP already know that you can RP so a RP sample on your character app is not necessary though you may write one if you want to. Upon making your alternate character app please provide the names for any other characters you may currently have on NAP and a link to their stat page. This is so that staff may verify that this is an Alt character and the highest starting rank you are allowed to make the character.

Please abide by these rules set out for creating Alternate characters and have fun making them.
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Alt Character Rules
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