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 Summon Rules and Creation Template

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PostSubject: Summon Rules and Creation Template   Sun Jan 18, 2015 1:19 pm

Summoning Rules

Summons are unique creatures that live within the ninja world. There are endless types or races of summon animals varying from crows and snakes to giant toads and slugs. Each type of summon has its own natural and special abilities. Some may be able to use certain ninjutsu types while others may specialize in genjutsu or even taijutsu. Each summon has its own special place hidden away from civilization that the race's summoned animals live and train in.

Obtaining Summons

In order to summon a race of animal, you must first spend 1500 words finding the specific homeland of the summon you are trying to make a contract with and convincing them to sign a contract with you. A contract is merely an agreement between the character and the race of animal he or she wants to summon, with the character pacing a small amount of there blood and chakra on to the contract scroll. Once the contract has been signed, you are able to summon various animals of that race depending on the amount of chakra used to form the seals and the specific summon the user has in mind. In order to promote social roleplay, if a player has a contract with a specific summon they may call forth the contract holder of that summon any time in order to have another player sign the contract instead of them having to do the 1,500 word requirement.

Summons have ranks just as jutsu do and are treated similarly. However, when training a summon you are in fact training with the summon and earning their respect so as to gain their obedience or cooperation during a fight whereas when training jutsu the user is simply learning how to perform the jutsu by doing it over and over again. The higher the summon the more difficult it is to gain their respect.

Players cannot summon creatures of a rank higher than themselves, and the cost of summon is twice the amount it is for a jutsu of that rank.

Summon Training Chart:

E-Rank: 250 words to train.
D-Rank: 750 words to train.
C-Rank: 1,000 words to train.
B-Rank: 1,500 words to train.
A-Rank: 2,000 words to train.
S-Rank: 3,000 words to train.

Summoning Rules

• If two players have a contract with the same race of summon, they can not summon an animal the other player has already called forth; an active summon.

• A player may only have a contract with one race of summon at a time. They may remove their signature from a summon contract in order to form a new contract summon, however doing so is an extreme form of respect and the player will never be allowed to summon forth that race again.

• Summons may be killed in battle, however if a summon takes heavy damage they will de-summon themselves to prevent death as long as they are conscious.

• Summons and the contracted player may freely de-summon an active summon but you must pay the corresponding chakra cost in order to bring them back.

• A summons alotted time in play depends on its on overall chakra, once it runs out it is de-summoned.

• All summons have free will and perform abillites or jutsu of their own accord. This also means that if a player is rendered unconscious, the summon may choose to stay and protect the player until either the player has woken up or the summon's chakra has run out.

• Summons cannot be character specific. When registering/creating a summon, you are simply stating that that particular summon exists in the world and other players may form a contract with them.

• Each player, upon being able to summon, can summon the contract keeper without training.  It cannot be used in combat, and the scroll is indestructible.

• The cap for in play summons is this;

You can only have summons in play that equal 14 points.

E - 1
D - 2
C - 3
B - 4
A - 5
S - 6

• Summons have the same stat categories as players and are calculated in the same manner. A summon's claws and fangs are as sharp as their strength stat. Flying and swimming speed is equal to their locomotive speed stat.

Registering a Summon

Summon Ranks and Stats:

Same as a player, except they cannot train to increase their stats.

Jutsu Knowledge
D Rank - Same Rank Known - 1
C Rank - Same Rank Known - 2
B Rank - Same Rank Known - 3
A Rank - Same Rank Known - 5
S Rank - Same Rank Known - 8
SS Rank - Same Rank Known - 12

Chakra Capacity
D Rank - Can use up to 3 D Ranks in a thread before running out.
C Rank - Can use up to 3 C Ranks in a thread before running out.
B Rank - Can use up to 3 B Ranks in a thread before running out.
A Rank - Can use up to 4 A Ranks in a thread before running out.
S Rank - Can use up to 4 S Ranks in a thread before running out.
SS Rank - Can use up to 5 SS Ranks in a thread before running out.

Special and Passive Abilities:

Special abilities are unique powers a certain summon may have such as toad oil, acid breath etc. Each rank summon is allotted their own number of special abilities. Passive abilities are things such as telepathy, flying and swimming. Every rank summon is allowed to have an unlimited number of passive abilities. Both passive and special abilities must make sense for the summon to have. You cannot have a giant toad with the passive ability to fly or an active ability to shoot laser beams from its eyes. Each ability must also make sense power wise in accordance with the summon's chakra stat. You cannot have a S power flame thrower if the summon has a C rank Chakra stat.

The form for registering/creating a summon is listed below. If done correctly it should look like this:


[b][color=#ff0000]Name:[/color][/b] Name of the summon.
[b][color=#ff0000]Contract Race:[/color][/b] What race the summon belongs to.
[b][color=#ff0000]Rank:[/color][/b] What rank the summon is.

[color=#006600]Appearance:[/color][/b] What the summon looks like, how tall it is, all of it.

[b][color=#000099]Locomotive Speed:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Reaction Speed:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#000099]Thought Speed:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Jutsu Knowledge:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Will Power:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Mental Sharpness:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#000099]Chakra Capacity:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Sealing and Space/Time:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Medical and Physical Enhancements:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu:[/color][/b]
[b][color=#000099]Poisons and Puppetry:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#ff9933]Special Abilities:[/color][/b] The summons abilities.

[b][color=#ff9933]Passive Abilities:[/color][/b] Passive abilities the summons has, birds getting flight, fish swimming, etc.
[color=#663300]Bonus Requirements:[/color][/b] Bonus requirements to bring forth the summon, such as rank or bloodline.
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PostSubject: Re: Summon Rules and Creation Template   Mon Apr 06, 2015 1:39 pm



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Summon Rules and Creation Template
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