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 Kaigen Shikyo

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Name: Kaigen Shikyo
Age: 20
Birthday: 12/21
Gender: Male

Muscular figure;
To the point where no matter what is worn, his shape is still noticible. Life of his was filled with task that pushed his physical attributes pass his adverage athletic peek. He is however much more muscular in his lower body than in his top, reasons besides the obvious is his specialty for close quarters combat. The upper body is smooth and covered in a smooth cream of deliciousness and eight pack, just one sexy beast I might add. His hair is white, no ifs ands, or buts about - originally it was supposed to be red like fire but of course things changed and it became a white color. a brushed cut is the hair style, and the length is long enough where if it gets wild it can spring upward, but short enough where the hair rest gently on his forehead.; Nothing in particular that would make him stand out other then his height that being 6ft+ and his dark skin tone, that and the lovely color of his eyes.

Kaigen's eye color was a shade of dark orange, it happened to him unfortunately he wasn't born like this. Despite his very adaptable life style he hasn't gained a tattoo that would symbolize any part or place in his life that he wouldn't want to voice out, so no tattoos on his body at all.

This section is going to be short due to a couple of reasons that may make it longer then I think it will be, first he doesn't just wear one set or outfit for the rest of his life that is horrible. So instead I'll just list things that you would tell that is his "Style". His favorite color is surprisingly white; He matches all of his clothing with a pretty nice style on his shoulder. If it's heavy clothing then he isn't wearing it, things like heavy material armor isn't something he carries even if he does possess the power to carry it. Shoes is usually ninja shoes or something simple for kicking obviously. V necks or sleeveless shirts showing his muscles because they are indeed sexy. Flexible pants, jeans are a rarity but this man sticks to kung fu clothing like the movies sometimes. Leather gloves and attire is his style as well.


Entertaining -

This section of his personality is to show of his meaning for entertainment. He has this very big thing for getting bored very quickly, big flaw of his is if the thing isn't good enough he will refuse it. Big perk is if its nothing else to do he will make the best of it. He will search for many things to do, from searching for power-levels that can combat him even if he may lose the fight. Creating chaos in places where human or a large number of a race population is located. He also rather enjoys games; he can create a game from anything rather. When in battle he likes to play his favorite game ‘Who can hit the ground first’ which is pretty self explanatory.

Self Confidence -

There is probably nothing really much said about this part, this fighter can get really cocky at times. He feels that he is superior to almost everyone he hasn't fought, he just feel the power and perks he get with his body prove to be much useful then anyone else. So usually when a battle is being issued he most likely will taunt his opponent telling them that they are no match. But this is only in battle, as he calls himself the Ultimate Ninja, the best which no one else can top. Outside of battle he isn't really that confident in much of anything he doesn't have experience in, mostly because all he is good at is fighting and combat. Everything else to him is in the dust; he doesn't really have a passion in other things.

Combat -

The grandest part about this character, his amazing rush for combat. But not just any combat, but the kind of combat which can take his skills. He rather enjoys every bit of being able to fight as hard as he please and know his opponent can take it. But just like stated above, he likes to be entertained. So he may get knocked through the air for the moment so it will look as if he was weak, but then he will start too slowly and gradually fight harder and harder causing his opponent to think twice about the battle. He loved facing someone with as much confidence such as himself. In his opinion stomp on something other then those rib. He likes games, the term tactic is always in his head but he doesn't really rely on it unless he knows he is fighting for keeps. Meaning a fight where he will need to get serious, that’s when he can automatically think ahead of his opponent.

Purpose -

If he doesn't need it then it’s not going to be used. He was created for a purpose, which was something that he felt wasn't something that was going to test his own skills. An objective and he is confronted with fights, there is a fifty, fifty chance he’ll shot it down for his own mission. He has a mission in his head and he fills he needs to finish it. Currently this will be mostly seen as his progress in his new skills as being a ninja.

Lost Soul -
This had been caused by the beating he was given at a young age, when he came back to life his ways had changed and he had became a indecisive person. He doesn't know what he want or exactly what he's doing in life. His face often looks like he's searching for something, hence the title; His mind always wondering and curious about every turn and or obstetrical that is probably not in his way. As a teenager he is still exposed to new things that make him wonder. This part of his personality is important because most of his life he is looking for something that he doesn't know of. So he is moving without a destination and searching without something to find, he realizes this but he still holds hope to find something that could help him stop searching.

Kurokon Shikyo -
Kurokon Shikyo is one of the most important factors of his life, in past tense events they were always close like heart and brain; Neither can work properly. Kurokon and Kaigen shared life together unlike anyone else could, they somehow learned to work together in all cases, back in those days it was rare that they were alone without each other. Kuro was born mere seconds before Kaigen, but he considers him older brother just for an interesting sake despite them looking alike. In the section where Kaigen loses his memory, is that part where it drove Kaigen away from his brother and when he vanished Kurokon still stayed on his mind throughout all of his lifetime. Even when he began to actually hate his older brother for twisted reasons he couldn't control, the thought of his older brother also gave him peace. His protector, his heart, and his only friend is the only human in the world who he truly cares about more then himself.

Skepticism and over thinker -
Bad things has happened to the man, and in those dark times instead of embracing everything he is often the type to play think before do. He over thinks situations on a scale that often can leads to his downfall, but it also has saved him from more trouble then he sees so himself. Over thinking is bad in combat because the simplest things can easily be used to defeat an opponent, but in his case he needs further inspection on even the simplest opponent; learning is key but knowledge to him is the fucking door. Skepticism to him causes him to stay away from people as much as possible, not a people person and not as anti-social as he feels he used to be, slowly but surely he is branching himself outwards others but being a stray is one of the hardest thing a man with lost memory could do.


The very start of Kai's life was filled with happiness and love, having been born into the very family oriented clan-group that was the Senju/Uzumaki. Uzumaki by birth, Kai was born with red hair, and very high life force. Kai had a twin, however, his older brother, Kurokon. The twins had an eventful start on life, with their parents being preists in the clan. While they obeyed the Shinigami codes, this did not take away from the general family values. Like most families of the Uzumaki, their family was filled with love and kindness. As such, it was no surprise when a third child came into the picture. Camael, the youngest of the three children, was also the one who suffered from overprotective brother-syndrome, in the form of Kuro, eagerly protecting her. Though often she claimed to detest it, it became obvious by the age of five, she was attached deeply to Kuro. Kaigen, while not as overprotective as Kuro, still fussed over her, though Kuro did the same to him. Although Kuro managed to semi-spoil his siblings, he was also somewhat spoiled at his young age.

Kaigen's childhood was as family centered as most heavy clans children would be, stay close to your sibliings and know that your clan is very important. Kaigen imagination was the clouds, his lust to just see and feel the air was amazing, he could sit and day dream for hours on end, that was his things when the days were as sweet as they were back then. At this particular age he didn't pay too much attention to fighting, in fact he wasn't put around them to even know just what actually go on beyond what the elders of the clan show him.

Kaigen was never around any kinds of violence, but he had one simple death experience that made his curious soul change and lust for answers. The death was when his grandfather died of a stroke, where his brainstem literally snapped, killing the poor man. Kaigen did not understand death at the time, and barely knew his grandfather. However, even in the loosest case, Kuro cared for everyone, even those he did not know. Due to this, his grandfather's death changed him deeply. Kaigen curiousity was so out of this world he wanted to know just what happens when a person dies, and after finding out in words just what death was and what it is he became ... nervous about life.

This caused him to wonder how long he had to actually live and wonder how will he die, in this curiousity it changed his mood from playful to causious and it was unusual for a kid to be scared to be riskful even at his age. His family noticed but he kept it within and he did not want to tell what bothered him the most; Death. He had this for a couple of months to be literal, people thought it was because of his relationship with his grandfather, but it was his skeptism of death is what haunted him. He was sent to a theripst after his parents were unconvinced on how to get him to open up. Theriapy was for about a few weeks, once Kaigen felt ready he explained what was bothering him and was able to talk him into understanding that it was part of life and he should live life everyday like it was his last. It didn't make since at first, but after a couple of conversations it began to make sense and it gave him a more positive perspective on how to live at a young age.

One day the twins and their little sister were attacked by an wild beast, it was killed and everything was cool and all but at this rate their parents were ready for something different, they were ready for training. His fear of death came back lingering, it made him nervous about the beginning of his training - he didn't have a reason to really defend himself or take a life, until he thought of his siblings of course; That is what drove him to better his fighting skills to actually protect the people around him so no one would die if it wasn't their time.

The first thing he learned was a specific taijutsu style, involving using his body's natural flexibility and speed to counter attacks, rather than just block and dodge. Kaigen had this speicific thing in his blood, his potential for Taijutsu at that time was much greater then anything else he could achieve. Naturally his bloodline had a thing for sealing techniques, but Kaigen's mind, body and soul was more into close quarters combat. The Uzumaki had a certain learning center, similar to what were once known as academies, back during the village era. Regardless, he studied and mastered basic fuinjutsu at a young age, being only nine at the time. Most completed the "basics" at 12, which was not so bad. Further, Kaigen honestly diregarded ninjutsu and fuinjutsu and focused on taijutsu, which would be a start of something different in the clan.

Kaigen instead of hitting books he was in gyms pushing his physical powers as hard as he could, Uzumaki clan were not centered around Taijutsu so he didn't get much guidance beyond better sparing partners and spectation. He worked so hard, they got worried he'd hurt himself and banned him from training sometimes and made him play like a normal boy should. He tried staying as healthy as possible, very bright and strong that Uzumaki was.

Unfortunately, when the combined clan moved away from Sunagakure, they found a certain ship, and unleashed a certain person. Naturally, Kuro, Kaigen, and Camael played with the man, not caring for age at the time. Though it was less playing with and more playing around, due to his lack of activity in their games. Either way, the three liked the guy, and felt comfortable around him. As all good things do, this came to an end.

When Kuro and Kaigen were nine, Camael had gone with their mother to do whatever it is little girls do with their mothers. Kuro and Kaigen still wanted to play, and ran into the nearby woods to do so, though Kuro was hesitant to do so. It was there they met Ukage, who abruptly knocked them out and kidnapped them.

Sad Experiment:

Unknown to Kuro and Kaigen, while the two were knocked out, which turned out to be for a few days due to the potency of the drug, Ukage injected both senju and uchiha dna into them. How he gained the dna is a simple matter, as the Senju had been moving towards the ruins of Konoha, and one person in particular had left a sample of blood behind, having cut himself on glass in a bar. With Ukage's connections, having made such a name for himself as a medic, he was easily able to get the blood sample. Of course, most would expect he could have gotten it from anyone who needed his help, but he was always watched heavily when he was healing one of the clan. In a manner of speaking, it was easier to catch flies when the flies did not know you were there to catch them.

In any case, when Kaigen woke up, he had snow white hair and glowing gre- wrong series. Actually, his eyes were a blue/grey combination that seemed to fluctuate between the two colors depending on the light and chakra going through his eyes. Regardless, his eyes did indeed glow, due to his chakra now running through them, thanks to the uchiha dna. It was only later on he discovered it was because of this, at the moment he was simply confused as to what had caused his once blood red hair to turn white, of all things. His brother had the same effect, they couldn't imagine at that point what the bigger picture was at this point it was only the beginning.

It wasnt until the first experiment began that Kaigen realized what had happened. Obviously they had been kidnapped, which was actually his third guess, the first being pranking and second being dreaming. Unfortunately, knowing this did not help them. The first experiment was to test how the cells had affected the two boys. Ukage was utterly thrilled at the results, though there was no rinnegan yet. The sheer difference between the original cells and the mutated cells was enough to satisfy Ukage for the moment.

Unfortunately, things continued from there. As Kuro soon discovered, Kaigen was far worse off than he was. Kaigen was less perceptive than Kuro, which was not saying much considering most adults were as well. Kaigen was at this point waiting for his death to come while constantly worried over where the rest of their family was. Kuro, however, knew their family was likely looking for them. The second experiment was what truly pushed Kuro to the brink. A month after being kidnapped, both boys were beginning to lose hope. Ukage began to test their physical capabilities; Which Kaigen's at this point of time being better then his twin's was noted and saved for a different experiment. Naturally, being enhanced with both Uzumaki and senju bodies, the two bodies excelled at the tests. Unfortunately, immediately after Ukage stepped it up, up until the boys passed out from exhaustion.

The sheer exhaustion coupled with fear and hopelessness nearly broke the boys, but Kaigen mind altered a bit different then his older brother. He would be strong for his brother, so that his brother could always have a pillar to lean on. With the continuing experiments from Ukage, Kuro continously became numb in some kind of hope that after the test they could find a way to break free, at this time he was viewed as almost willing to do the experiment causing the doctor to like him a bit more then Kuro. Most would call him less human for it, while others would have tears in their eyes from his reasons. However, given that only a few knew of his reasons, no one really did that second part.

By the time Kuro was eleven, his humanity, for lack of a better term, had been almost totally erased. Now a cold hearted and mostly uncaring person, Kaigen cared solely for his brother, but that was pretty much it. Due to this, Ukage thought him to be controllable. Unfortunately for the bastard, Kaigen was not one to be predictable. There was one part of the experience when they split the twins up and used a untested but a failed attempt in trying to create ying and yang chakra within Kaigen, in effect they did not get exactly what they wanted, truth be told what they did create was a regenerating chakra factor that they at the time didn't notice so they placed him back with his brother for the final experiment.The last experiment was one designed to further enhance Kuro's bloodline, which Ukage dubbed "Elemental Mastery". Which in this case ... turned out to be a success.

The Becoming :

When he was fourteen, his twin choose to actually became something of a leader among the people who he began to refer to as Shikyo, due to their closeness with death. At any moment, any of them could die, due to unforeseen issues with the kkg transfer that Ukage had supposedly perfected. He began to teach other shikyo in the arts of elemental manipulation, which Ukage gladly encouraged, for his studies. At this age he wasn't much interested in his bloodline, which if he knew his passive skill he learned he would but his focus was always hand to hand combat, that was his priority so he stayed away from the clan and did his own training away from his brother.

Kaigen and the other prisoners that did focus in Taijutsu began to train themselves in the hopes of becoming strong enough to break free from the prison. Kaigen and Kuro's ways of freedom caused them to separate in different directions, same destination just different roads to actually meet them. So naturally his newly found 'Bloodline' wasn't activated due to him not using chakra on his training sections and sparing rounds. At this particular age he was very successful at exceeding any martial arts anyone would think he would fail.

For whatever reasons of either Kaigen or Kurokon progression it caused the Ukage to get nervous but killing his master piece wouldn't do too good so instead he tried installing fear back into the boys. At this particular rate their confidence and maturity has been shown through there lust for training and this gave them an edge that their master couldn't stand. At this point Kaigen was well on his way to creating and learning a style that him and the inmates were mixing with, it was all well until. The guards cornered Kaigen by himself, he fought the best of his ability and managed to suppress the guards until they used ninjutsu and he was on the run, their jutsu prepared for such they kicked him and beat him relentlessly until he couldn't move. Blood everywhere, his vision blurred and he remember being picked up from his lifeless body and being chained up with no way of movement, this actually drove him more crazy then he was supposed to be. Once he couldn't move he began to panic, his fear of death was kicking in and him being so used and happy with his body and feeling like it was being taken away from him caused him to lose control mentally and even physically. In his lost of control, he tried using everything he had, even chakra in which he never used and as a result of control he was able to control the body heat in his body and project it into the metal and he could see the metal melting; But he wasn't skilled enough to keep doing it and as a result he passed out long before he could break free.

Kaigen opened his eyes to see nothing but guards, awaiting his awake before they began to slaughter his 'friends' as in the ones he gained progress with in the arts of Taijutsu, in which he screamed stop but they killed all of them in front of him in order to teach him a lesson. One particular guard, assuming the captain of the rest of them using a baton thrust-ed it directly into his forehead. This part of his life is what cased extreme trauma causing him to lose his memory, and completely put him into a comatose state. When his brother found him he was slipping, had it not been for his brothers quick thinking he would have probably never woke up.

When he awakened, everyone was free and his older brother had showed 'our' people that freedom was at hand. Kaigen had forgotton everything, only pieces were shown and in this point of time he could remember only small sketches. As everyone decided on actually building a clan together, one night which had to have been the hardest thing to do but he managed to out smart his twin and vanish from the group. He left in search of himself or a memory of who he was, because for all he knew he woke up and these people were crazy and the thought of having a twin at the same time was making him too confused. He had so much pressure on his back because his brother was held on a better level then he was, in fact it made him hate his brother in the most saddest way possible. He felt love for him, but he also felt like scum that all he remember is being able to control his heat and getting beat into a bloody pulp while his reflection was the hero of the day. It was so much going on he couldn't heal from any of it, so instead of telling anyone or a note without telling anyone he vanished. He had no destination or true place to go or be, he just wanted to think and find pieces of himself that he lost ... he felt like around the Shikyo clan or whatever they were making was only making his mental state worse.

Alone in the Heat:

After his leave, he realized he couldn't fight or defend himself from what he remembered he could but he just didn't know exactly how to bring it back out of him. Ashamed he went back to the clans grounds where he left them, and they were gone - So then started the life of a scattered brain and alone Shikyo with no purpose. So what did he do? search for things that his memories were giving him and that was close ranged combat. He traveled to the hidden lands, trying to avoid being captured again obviously and his personality being skeptical and over analytic; He found a small tournament, in this tournament he watched the martial arts tournaments and every move they made, in the audience he watched and his brain began to put itself together and in watching when it was all over a large part of his memory was restored. He went to training his body again, the feeling of his body being back at peek felt like this high he had never knew possible

- Yes he was alone but in his time of being alone this fourteen year old was becoming his own person. He'd watch the tournament analyzing techniques and practicing when he could, he slept where ever he could manage. He soon before the age of fifteen had began to meditate which was given advice from some of the tournament fighters, in his trance he began to find out who it is he really was and it all came together. His memory had been restored by probably half, which began to alter him in all kinds of ways, instead of being scared of death like he used to he started taking life risk. Joining the tournament sounded silly to everyone else, but the moment his feet got warm and his body got in motion he began to take down any opponent in his age range like childs play.

The tournament fighters were so impressed they gave him a temporary place to live so long as he fight the way he did. Agreed, fighting became a way to be whole in his mind and in meditation it cleared any sign of madness he should be experiencing at quite a young age. In one round however he faced a far distance fighter, being realistic it was a tough battle indeed but the end critic resulted in Kaigen's win; although mentally it was too tough of a battle to claim as a win for his own. Feeling cornered he needed a way to deal with long range opponents besides throwing weapons, he meditated until he found a small memory that created his biggest future. The legacy of when he was able to use his own body heat to melt the metal holding him captive so long ago gave him a better idea. He pushed his state of meditation, to began to work on his imagination, at night and in this moment he could feel his heat at a much 'closer' feel. Adding chakra he began to mold slowly focus and control into moving his body heat out of his body but not enough to effect or be visible just enough to know he could control it. He spent the whole night until he could pulse out heat in a basic punch; fortunately he didn't have any other fights so he trained this specific art of controlling just his body heat to create offensive and defensive techniques - LIKE ACTUAL JUTSU DUDE.

In his first fight, the fight ended in one strike - impressing not only himself but everyone around him to see heat being released in a punch and with such force really impacted the whole audience. Afterwards he expanded it by learning and at this point creating fire jutsu - At this point he learned how fast his chakra returned and how adaptable his chakra was, being pure taijutsu user, born as an uzumaki and the experiment his chakra control was very impressive. He began to create amazing heat techniques, as all was going well bloodline hunters began searching for his whereabouts in an attempt to finish Kaigen off without his intentions. As Kaigen one day was heading home from training he noticed he was being followed, quickly taking down one of them; The rest made an attempt to swarm him, with the info they knew but he had grew much beyond that and managed to escape forcing him back on the run once again. His whereabouts now is not known ... He is still missing half of his memory and searching the world ... doing who knows what ...

He is still alive out there, what is he doing? His creator is figuring that out ...

Likes: Loyalty, Intense Battles, Mastering Techniques, Close Quarter Combat, Sweet food, and exploring his curiousity
Dislikes: Winning an unfair fight, Spicy food, discrimination, bullies, corrupt systems, and losing chakra.

Ninja Traits

Rank: SS
Village: Wanderer
Element(s): Earth
Clan: Uzumaki

Dragon Slayer Request: Earth



(S)-Strength- Power of physical attacks, how much they can lift and how much they can understandably carry.
(SS)-Locomotive Speed- Used to determine how fast someone can attack, run or throw.
(SS)-Reaction Speed- Used to determine how they react to attacks, movement of limbs in a stationary position and such.
(S)-Health- Used to determine how many hits one can take.


(SS)-Thought Speed- Used to determine the speed of the user's thought, this is like reaction but for planning.
(SS)-Jutsu Knowledge- Used to determine how many highest rank jutsu you can use(Rank above you)
(S)-Willpower- Used to resist mental attacks/effects
(A)-Mental Sharpness- Used to determine power of mental attacks/effects


(SS)-Chakra Capacity- Used to determine how many jutsus user can cast
(S)-Sealing and Spacial/Time- Used to determine how fast jutsus of this kind are activated/speed/power.
(SS)-Medical and Physical Enhancement-
(SS)-Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu-
(S)-Poisons and Puppetry-

The Player

Other Characters:
Roleplay Sample: Blaine and Psychosis voucher. If not enough will provide.

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Approved, though I hope you weren't trying to use the background info to get Senju and Uchiha DNA lol cuz that won't fly. It was a good read though.

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Edited for the reset; Approved for SS.

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Re-Approved ya crazy bestard

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