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 Knight of the Palms

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PostSubject: Knight of the Palms   Knight of the Palms EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 2:01 am

Makussu Koutaishi

Rank: S Rank Master
Bijuu: N/A
V 1: N/A
V 2: N/A
Beast: N/A
Beast Stats:

Clan: Asura
KKG: Issetsugan (Mastered)

Current Stats:

(S) Physical:

(A)-Strength- Power of physical attacks, how much they can lift and how much they can understandably carry.
(SS)-Locomotive Speed- Used to determine how fast someone can attack, run or throw.
(SS)-Reaction Speed- Used to determine how they react to attacks, movement of limbs in a stationary position and such.
(S)-Health- Used to determine how many hits one can take.


(A)-Thought Speed- Used to determine the speed of the user's thought, this is like reaction but for planning.
(S)-Jutsu Knowledge- Used to determine how many highest rank jutsu you can use(Rank above you)
(B)-Willpower- Used to resist mental attacks/effects
(B)-Mental Sharpness- Used to determine power of mental attacks/effects


(S)-Chakra Capacity- Used to determine how many jutsus user can cast
(A)-Sealing and Spacial/Time- Used to determine how fast jutsus of this kind are activated/speed/power.
(A)-Medical and Physical Enhancement-
(S)-Ninjutsu and Kinjutsu-
(A)-Poisons and Puppetry-

Element(s): Wind, Earth, Water, Wood

Jutsu Unlocked

SS-Rank:Soul Menace
Soul Menace Excessive Palm: Three Extremes Wei, Wu and Shu
Soul Menace: Two Palm Spear

S-Rank: Wind Release: True Rasenshuriken
Experimental Ectoplasm
Armor of Sand
Lightning Release: Chidori Current
Chakra Enhanced Strength
One Handed Sword Skill: Vorpal Strike
Oodama Rasengan
MInd's Eye of the Kagura

A-Rank: Shikigami No Mai
Infinitely Exploding Origami Dragon
Wood Release: Wooden Dragon Jutsu
Diffusion Sutures
Wind Release: Blade of Wind
Wind Release: Godly Wind from the Mountains
Wind Release: Divine Wind
Sand Clone
Chidori Sharp Spear
Chidori Senbon
Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu
Earth Release: Golem
Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld
Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin
Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang
One Handed Sword Skill: Sonic Leap
Hiding With Camoflage (Mastered)
Great Exploding Shadow Clone Just
Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Jutsu

B-Rank: Shadow Clone Jutsu
Sand Lightning Needles
Flower Scattering Dance
Great Sickle Weasel Technique
Delicate Illness Extraction
Earth Spear
Chidori Katana
Leaf Strong Whirlwind
Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Wall
Iron Fist Prison
Earth Dragon
Spinning Shield
C-Rank: Finger Carving Seal
Gale Palm
Great Breakthrough
Air Bullets
One Body Blow
Mystical Palm Technique
Hiding Like a Mole
Leaf Rising Wind
Dancing Leaf Shadow
Leaf Great Whirlwind
Arhat Fist
Fist Rock Tech
Rock Pillar Prison
Mud Spore
Tearing Earth Turning Palm
Rock Pillar Spears
Flying Thrown Stones
Electromagnetic Murder
Lightning Rod
Rage Spike
Vertical Square
D-Rank: Body Flicker
Chakra Scalpel
Body Flicker
Dynamic Entry
Leaf Gale
Leaf Whirlwind
Horizontal Square
E-Rank: Clone
Medical Diagnosis
1000 Years of Death

Skills Unlocked:
Chakra Suppression
Experienced Fighter
Genjutsu Release
Chakra Sensory
Chakra Infusion
Display of Power
Surface Walking
Sand Manipulation
Raiton Mastery
Doton Mastery
Advanced Chakra Sensory
Bladed Mastery
Two Handed Technique Mastery
Fuuton Mastery
Nen (Manipulator)

Items on Person: Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa
The Black Coat

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Roland Ootsutsuki

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Character Name: Roland
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PostSubject: Re: Knight of the Palms   Knight of the Palms EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 11:53 am

Just wondering, when were Jounin S rank?

I was here when you were told you could re-make a character at A rank...

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Knight of the Palms
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