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 Seismic Sense

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PostSubject: Seismic Sense   Seismic Sense EmptyTue May 19, 2015 9:10 pm

Name: Seismic Sense
Appearance: Seismic Sense Latest?cb=20140317211615

What it does: Seismic sense is a sub-skill of Doton Mastery that constitutes for physical sense. This skill enables earth users to detect vibrations in the ground to perceive objects, people, and other aspects of their environment, essentially acting as sonar, but through earth and metal.

The first and foremost of seismic sense's applications is the ability to perceive surroundings. By sensing vibrations in the ground, earth Users can perceive their surroundings as precisely as normal sight, and in some cases with even greater clarity. The advantage of the sense over normal sight is that practitioners are able to pick up things that are barely visible or even imperceptible to the naked eye as well as things out of their line of sight. Obstacles that would normally obstruct regular vision, such as walls and thick dust clouds, are rendered ineffective against seismic sense. Seismic sense does not only provide surface vision, as the vibrations also travel underground, enabling the user to effectively detect caverns and other deep subterranean cavities.

Seismic sense is not without its limitations. The practitioner must always be in direct contact with solid earth to use the sense at all and the ability only detects things if they are in contact with the same mass of earth the user is contacting, or made of earthen materials. Non-earthen objects floating in water or thrown into the air are undetectable, unless by extrapolation from the detected positions of the launching point. If the user is in the air or water, or even standing on a non-earth solid such as ice or wood, the user will be unable to sense anything through that substance. Although allowing the user to detect their surroundings in detail, the sub-skill does not allow for perception of facial features or written characters, due to the fact that they are not made of or in contact with earth.

Sand, although an earthen substance, is not firm like normal earth and renders seismic sense "fuzzy" and imprecise for earth users who are not used to bending it. Uninterrupted contact with the ground is preferred for the user - an object such as a shoe sole interferes with the sense.

50 meters in range for Sensory
Wordcount: 4k
Chakra Cost: -
Bonus Requirements: Doton Mastery And/or Earth bending (Earth DS skill Obviosuly), A Earth tech of E-S

Sand Manip to be able to sense on Sand, but not needed persay for the full skill

Backstory: This is an Old technique handed down by the masters of Doton, few know this skill, some wish to know it, all wishes they had knew of it

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Seismic Sense
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