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 Heat Sensory

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PostSubject: Heat Sensory   Heat Sensory EmptyTue May 19, 2015 9:25 pm

Name: Heat Sensory
Base: Doesn't have an appearance.
Lvl 2: Can't see anything?

What it does:
Base Heat Sensory:
Level 1 or base of this skill, is the passive part of the description and the lesser version of the second stage of this skill. This takes no chakra cost, his distance of sensory range is 50 meter radius; As if he was in the middle of the dome in all directions.  He can sense heat inside of objects, beyond objects and feel even the slightest amounts of heat traces allowing him to even be able to track anyone down due to their body heat and temperature level and figure. Heat signatures are not only remembered but viewed when sensing heat, he can predict and better anaylze his opponents structure, techniques, movements and tactics by watching their heat in their body. It moves everytime something is being prepared or heavy breathing and or concentration is required. This also allows Kaigen to be able to sense when someone or himself is in a genjutsu and/or lying due to the heat in is brain begin to lose balance due to brain and genjutsu processing.

Lvl 2:
- All the above.
- Range increased: 75 meters.
- Can feel pass chakra barriers.

- Can't feel pure/elemental chakra barriers.
- Below temperature, and high moistures in the air deactivates this ability.

Lvl 2: Loses eye sight while activated, C-Rank Chakra every post. Deactivates automatically after 10 post. Recharge: 5 post before reusage.

Wordcount: 5000
Chakra Cost:
Base: N/A
Level 2: C-Rank upkeep
Bonus Requirements:
Kaigen's sole sensory technique, so he can use it as well as Fire Dragon Slayer and or Katon Mastery users.

"You must realize. that fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Don't let me be misunderstood, danger is very real, but fear itself is a choice"

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Heat Sensory Empty
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Heat Sensory
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