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Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P) IxCAs2G

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 Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P)

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Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P) Empty
PostSubject: Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P)   Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P) EmptyFri May 22, 2015 6:08 pm

Roland sat cross-legged on his rug in the barren Mizukage chambers, he had not yet moved everything in so most of the room was bare excepting the bamboo walls. The walls were the one thing with plenty full on them, they bore all forms of archaic symbols and paintings. One wall even had a waterfall cutting down the middle with a Koi pond jutting out into the room, around the pond was a small jungle of various amphibians and other small creatures that hid in the small depths of the foliage.

Roland sat in a blue robe that was trimmed in black, luckily for all not only was it long enough to completely fall to the ground as he sat but he also wore his undershorts that morning. On his ears he had two gold bands on his lower lobe, other than that his face was bare excluding the headband which covered his left eye and gave him the semblance of a permanent smirk. Luckily for all, it was a good natured smirk one born of inner peace.

"So Misaki you wish to apply for the position of Solar Plexus, the driving force in Kiri. I assume you will not object to the test? I will be manipulating your soul directly, and I want you to show me what your vision of your island is. Afterwards we can talk more, if you do not object please step forward" Roland would speak calmly and softly extending his right hand and indicating for Esdeath as she was called to sit next to him. If she did then he would begin his technique, Flaming Spirit, with it he would ensure her loyalty, imbue the knowledge of Nen, and begin the hallucination all at once.

((Describe away))

Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P) 8WQUHld
Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P) Strax
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Test of the Solar Plexus (Esdeath, P)
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