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 The Leaving

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PostSubject: The Leaving   The Leaving EmptySat Feb 21, 2015 12:04 am

"Do you really think she is the one to become the next Mizukage" asked Kouko. Kyojin thought about it. Apon his travels he had thought about his rule as Mizukage his actions were rash he needed to really train. After all he was only a 18 year old that left his village and his clan." Kouko do I even deserve to be alive right now " asked Kyojin." What the hell kind of question is that. If you never left your clan or the village you would have never gotten my power or many other things now stop talking nonsense " said Kouko. Kyojin nodded his head and told one of his advaseries to go and get the girl by the name of Gwyn. Kyojin looked at the gold dust that was in the pot on his desk. He had been experimenting with it every since he left the wind country. He put his hand over the gold dist and attempted to control it every now and then he would see it move.
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The Leaving
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