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 The first step of many...

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PostSubject: The first step of many...    Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:29 am

It would be a cool winter day sitting at a freezing thirty – three degrees, not quite yet letting anything come to a frozen wasteland but still cold enough to keep most people inside unless they had something important to do and for Meliodas that would be true for he would be training his first tail today. His journey would begin in front of the water of truth. They said that the first step to understanding yourself and letting the beast fully inside was to fight your true self… Therefore, that is where Meliodas would begin at the tender age of fifteen he would sit in the cold weather as he would meditate as he would try and get in touch with his true self. It would seemingly take hours upon hours of him simply sitting there waiting for something to happen, until he would finally get annoyed and would try and meditate and ask Son for a quicker way to bringing out his true self so that he could get over this hurdle.

“Yo son, can you at least give me some advice with this first tail I know the rest won’t be easy but at least help me with this one… Who knows if you still don’t like me might be a chance for you to see me get my butt whooped by myself for your amusement.”

Though it was a joke Meliodas’s face was rather serious at the moment for the longer it took him to accomplish this the more apparent that it would become that he would fall ill to something… Therefore, for once he would show the beast is more serious side and would have a mellow yet stern tone in his voice. Son would be doing the usual stuck behind his cage and would be taking a “nap” or at least that is what he always pretended to do anyway. However, his comment seemed to get some response from him for Son would start laughing before finally he would let out a little advice for the man to have a step toward finally mastering the young beast.

“You must first realize the darkness within you before you can truly face it. Still the young fool that I was sealed in many years ago you…”

With that the beast would turn back around and force the young genin out of his world. It was annoying dealing with him sometimes but it was true if he didn’t truly understand want was the true/dark him than how could he possibly confront it? So he would think of his past the only thing he could truly think of and it was pure hatred for the village that shot to his mind and finally the monster of his soul would reveal himself… it was a nearly perfect image of himself however, the only difference was that he had a wicked aura around him as though everything he touched would seemingly decay before him all the hatred the boy had in him was seemingly leaking off this mirror image. His teeth stained yellow, his eyes pitch red, and his smile that of the devil himself…

“So that little monkey actually helped you figure out how to bring me out did he? Such a pest would be easier to simply kill you and then him rather than let you gain any control you little sh*t.”

The man standing before him had no respect for anything, the world a hollow shell for the darkness seemingly simply to destroy all that he spoke was rage and nothing of him truly resembled the boy but his words did ring a bell in his mind… the words of the villagers, the bullies, everyone… they all hated him and he had done nothing and this would simply piss Meliodas straight off especially the comment about son being a mere monkey… The boy would have no patience to simply try and talk to this manifestation… his next actions would be swift, propping his right foot slightly up he would spring toward the man and swing all his might into his left leg swinging it toward the man’s head. However, this effort would be for not it would seem as though he truly would be fighting a mirror image of himself… they would collide in the air and you could hear a strong crack spring out from the collision. They would go back and forth as if he was simply swinging at a practice dummy that knew all his moves, left would connect with right, right connecting with left, a leg kick met with a check kick, neither would be taking damage but Meliodas would be making no progress with his actions simply tiring himself out… and that would be win the fight would take a turn for the worst as the darkness would finally be the first to land a punch seemingly growing a style of his own… his left foot would have planted firmly between the bottom of his rib cage and his right hip bone sending him flying, blood would spray out of his mouth as all the air in the boy would be sent out. Then would come the darkness bringing his knee firmly down on his stomach forcing more blood to spray out before a ring of fist would be the next thing the man saw, evil laughter filling his mind before he would slowly slip into a darkness and he would seemingly awake with Son standing over him… he would have been forced into the beast cage as though a child that didn’t listen to his mother and jumped into an ape cage at the zoo, he could feel the overwhelming warmth of son as his breath would hit his face a slight bit of drool landing on the side of his face making a sizzling noise… it… it was lava?!?! Meliodas would swiftly jump up and run his face in the water to get it off before looking back up and without thinking or any fear in his soul would yell at son…


The monkey would simply laugh and sit back on his but looking at the boy the only person that seemingly never feared him but sought nothing but the beast friendship and it seemed son was finally ready to acknowledge this fact for it wasn’t that son pulled him into the cage no it would seem unconsciously Meliodas would have walked into the cage himself and was begging Son for his help once more, they would have traded blows of course son pulling his simply to see if this little human was actually worth receiving his assistance. They would go back and forth punching each other in the face, as though a game to see who would give up first and before Meliodas knew it he would have had a smile on his face. Was this normal for the boy? Did it truly make sense to be fighting the beast in this manner even though in the outer world he was literally being beaten to death? None if it was making any sense but it would seem that he had forgotten all about that in those moments and was simply in his own way “bonding” with son, they both… were smiling? For the first time they had found a connection with one another and that would be mutual respect though Meliodas wouldn’t remember or probably ever figure out what he did to deserve this he would smile as Son would explain that he had ran into this world and started ripping the seal of the cage before jumping up and landing his right fist straight onto son’s face without any warning before spouting off about only wanting a friend and how he had shown nothing but respect to the beast and this was his repayment or something like that.

However, Meliodas hadn’t realized that while all this had transpired he would have awakened something within him and the sizzling that had happened wasn’t from the lava that leaked on his face but rather the lightning that surrounded his body… it was a beautiful blue electric aura that would have appeared half way through Son’s and his little pissing contest of fist to help him stand on his own two feet after a while… apparently it seemingly helped him dodge the punches of the beast flawlessly and with perfect time and then allow him to travel at marvelous speeds so he could actual land his own punches.

“So while I was unconscious I did all of this? Why couldn’t I have done this before?”

He would look at the beast is fur sizzling from the lightning that had been clashing against him every time he hit the boy back… it was truly amazing to him not that he could withstand the beast for he knew that he was still far from being able to combat him toe to toe but rather he could injure him at all… it gave him an all new confidence that he before never had in himself….

“Yes it is true, you couldn’t do this before but that was simply because you didn’t truly believe in yourself or the goodness of the villagers that did attempt to help you…”

Son would have spoken these words before holding out his fist to the boy now standing in front of him his lightning aura seemingly fading and for once he would have a smile on his face before stating this one last sentence sending meliodas off after they would fist bump…

“Now then go kick that little shi*t’s butt so we can remove this seal once more and grow as partners…”

With that Meliodas would awake still in the situation that he was in but without a second moments thought he would mutter something under his breath before the aura he had in the inner world would spring back to his body… his movements would seemingly be flawless in these next moments for it caught the darkness of guard just like it did the boy when he first saw it… His body would flash from under the darkness and his knee would firmly plant on his right cheek before Meliodas would crack his knuckles one by one…

“Now it’s my turn to show you want true light can do to pure darkness…”

Wiping the blood from his face he would now have a smile on his face as tail after tail would seemingly spring from his back side in a bubbly like aura covering his lightning aura and turning it into something a little hotter lava? Yes it was a new creation and it would truly burn this darkness out of the world… with his heightened speed the darkness would not stand a chance anymore Meliodas would connect hit after hit left, right, left, right, left, right… then before it would all seemingly fade from existence he would send one last kick just like the first and have it slam into the darkness’s face sending it flying into the waterfalls before exploding… He had done it not only did he defeat his darkness but it seemed he was one full step closer to fully mastering Son’s power and making it his own… However, after that he would be completely drained of chakra it truly did take its toll doing all that in those mere few minutes that he would have done it… Therefore, he would seemingly pass out however, his body temperature would be high enough now that he would be able to peacefully recover even in this weather and when he would awake he would go into the inner would while walking home and would only have one thing to say to Son in that moment…

“Thank you.”

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PostSubject: Re: The first step of many...    Sat Mar 07, 2015 4:37 am

Alright, I'm gonna give it to you this time since there was a miscommunication on my part, but even if you train multiple things in the same topic you still have to do the wc for each. 2k would give you all four tails but you would need an additional 750 for body flicker and 750 for kanmuru.

So with that being said, this one time I will APPROVE of this.

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The first step of many...
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