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 The second step of the remaining few...

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Moroha Yuki

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PostSubject: The second step of the remaining few...    Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:20 pm

Meliodas would wake up early the next morning even with a slight hangover and would make his way toward the waterfall of truth to do some training with Son Goku though really today his training would simply be bonding with the beast a little bit more as he would feel in no shape to spar with him or anything else at least not more the moment… Therefore, as he would arrive it would be a rather peaceful crashing of water that would welcome his ears into the new day and just cause him to become irritated though he said he would train with his bijuu so he would simply go with it for the moment and try not to let it affect his concentration to much so that he could at least have a conversation with the beast.
Therefore, he would walk toward the seemingly middle platform that would house a small island that he would sit down on and begin to meditate before being slung into his mind.

“Yo son what are you doing? Please try not to yell today my head is killing me from last night.”

Son would laugh loudly at the man for his foolish actions the might prior he would receive no compassion from the great ore… Though this would swiftly be put to a stop as he would speak to the boy.

“Well perhaps if you didn’t go overboard every time woman would start handing you shots after shots of saki then perhaps we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

Son would have a smile on his face it would seem every time the man would come into his inner world after his drinking episodes Son would be in a great mood for one reason or another. Perhaps it was because he knew it helped him focus and get things done so that he could go back to resting swiftly which helped move many things along swiftly for Son and Meliodas both during these days.

“Yea yea whatever, so how much of your power do I even have control over anyways since you mentioned it yesterday it has been on my mind for a while though I thought when we were alone would be a better time to ask.”

Son would ponder for a moment before he would begin his explanation to the boy of just exactly he had won over from the beast with his friendship and just down right training against the dark half of himself as well.

“Well after you defeted the darkness within you, you may have only been able to draw out the seeming first layer of my four tails however, that was simply because your condition from taking a beating. Truly you can pull out an even stronger exoskeleton of my power even stronger than that of which you used that day.”

Meliodas would be shocked as this would be one of the first times the ore would have simply given him a straight forward answer to his questions and this would have been enough to simply pull him out of his hangover and throw him into a great mood. Therefore, Meliodas would waste no time activating the cloak that Son would have spoken of and would be aw at the sheer feeling that would go over him before deactivating it. With this he would know exactly what he would have to do next though he didn’t like the options that he read about that one needed to do to fully master the powers of a Bijuu so without word Meliodas would disappear from his mind and would spring back to his home to get ready for his journey to see the Hokage and perhaps even ask him if there was another way other than defeating your Bijuu to unlock its full potential…

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PostSubject: Re: The second step of the remaining few...    Thu Mar 12, 2015 7:50 pm

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The second step of the remaining few...
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