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 Mark for power (Zento flash back)

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PostSubject: Mark for power (Zento flash back)   Mark for power (Zento flash back) EmptyFri May 15, 2015 3:07 pm

The freshly made Chuunin had just made his way through the village. He was walking around minding his own business. The day was a bit cloudy with low winds. Probably going to rain here in a bit. Zento would grab his hat shifting it better to fit his head and point it down a bit more to prevent the rain to collect on his hat as he felt the first drop his his hand. The villagers scattering around to try and get out of the rain. It was almost like a toxin for most. Yet, Zento was fine with it. He continued on his way through the village and completely ignored the harmless rain. Zento would slowly make his way to the house. Grabbing the handle and moving it slight as his eye twitched. His handle didn't feel the same as he left it. Someone must have, or at least tried to, get inside his house. Of course there was a low chance of that. Zento would open the door and not hear the clicking sound on his door from a very thin stick on the door he keeps just in case he wasn't sure. Someone definitely entered his home. Closing the door ever so softly, he grabbed the kunai in his pouch.

Zento closed his eyes listening around for any sounds that didn't quite match up. Opening his eyes as he could hear nothing, Zento would notice a piece of paper on his table. Walking over to it and picking it up and reading it. All it said was to meet me at the forest. Zentos eyes narrowed at the sight of this paper. What could it mean? Why would someone want to meet him? Zento was simply a chuunin after all. Nothing too important to take out. Perhaps it was another one of those gang members from his childhood wanting revenge. Zento would be ready for any of that to happen. He wasnt too thrilled with the thought of someone wanting to make private contacts. Especially when they break into his house and try to make themselves sneaky.

After a bit, Zento had made his way to the forest which he was more than sure that it was trap, Zento covered the inside of his coat in paper bombs. Just in case he had to use a last ditch effort. He found a what appeared to be a man in a mask and in an ANBU Black ops uniform. Zento was not too happy to see something like this standing in front of him. The man had a piece of paper inside of what appeared to be an envelope The masked man spoke calmly. "Hello there Zento. I apologize for being so unorthodox, but I am as you can tell, a member of the ANBU black ops. We are more than aware of the work your father did before he passed. He was a grand shinobi and one hell of an agent. And with your progress and work with the chuunin exams, we can tell that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Zento's eyes would narrow as he spoke about his father. Did this man know who he was? If that was the case, Zento was even more curious as to what the man wanted.

Handing Zento the envelope, The man spoke calmly again. "Everything you need to know is in that. If you say yes, You start in the morning. If not, we understand." Then disappearing. Zento stood there for a moment and then opened the envelope. Reading in his mind what the piece of paper had to say. It was an A ranked mission. How strange. Giving a chuunin fresh out the gate a spy like mission. He was to go to a mob house and scope out the area for a while.

The next morning, Zento would walk out the gate. His mission ready to go. He would continue to walk around outside the village for a couple of hours. Finding himself at the footsteps of the house of the mob. Standing in his way were two guards stopping him and asking who he was. Zento would hand a piece of paper explaining who he is. A false name he went by was Haraku. He wasnt too thrilled with the name but it was what he was given. Zento walked up and found himself at the mob bosses room.

He was sitting in his chair with a few more armed guards with him. Speaking in a very cocky tone to Zento. "So! Haraku was it? I was told you were on the run from the village. I must say, trying to take out the kage and killing a few ANBU black ops along with half the jounin inside the building? Im impressed. How would you like to join my family?" Zento would nod at the man. "A man of few words I see? I can respect that. However, there is one thing you must overcome before I can let you in my family. Remove your coat." Zento would do so and in that instant, the man's head would shoot and bite into Zento's neck. His hands clenching tightly at the pain of the mans teeth stabbing into him. Zento would take a knee as the man left his neck.

"Survive that and your work for me begins." Was all the mob boss had to say to Zento. His vision started to blur and Zento could feel himself losing his consciousness. Then finally, Zento had passed out. He was standing no where. As far as his eye could see was just pure white as to his knowledge, he was simply just standing there on nothing. He was calm as he looked around. Convinced he died. He was a tad angry though. Dying just like that. What a disgrace to himself and all who called him a shinobi for dying like that. He could see something in the distance. Was it Death? The reaper of souls on his way to collect Zento for all the ones he killed? Zento could finally see what was rushing in front of him. It was a wolf. It's fur looking like it was made from a sliver chakra and then growing bigger. The wolf stood to be almost three times the size of Zento. Then opening its mouth and swallowing Zento in one bite.

Waking up, Zento would return to his feet. A dream. Thats all it was. Zento placed his hand to his face and then saw the same chakra flying around him. His eyes widened a bit. What was going on? Zento could see he was in an arena now. About twenty shinobi inside surrounding him. Zento saw covering the left half of his body black marks. He wasn't sure what exactly was going on. But he felt, stronger. This power was more than he ever had or felt. He would watch as one of the shinobi got hasty and threw a few kunai at Zento. by reflex alone, he would grab them all and throw them faster back at the man and the others around him. All of them stabbing straight through them and watching them all fall to the ground.

They all began to charge him. Zento would look at them all and charge back for this battle to commence. He would twist and turn around all of them. avoiding all of the incoming attacks like they were nothing. Zento was counter attacking all of them. Feeling the bones break with each hit he did. He was not sure exactly what was going on but, he wasn't going to question it right now. Easily, Zento won his battle against the shinobi surounding him. He would hear clapping coming from behind him. The markings around his body glowing red and slowly fading away. He turned over at the sound. Seeing it was the mob boss. He smiled at Zento.

"PERFECT! JUST ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!" Zento would look at the man and throw his coat back on. "That my boy was the curse mark I gave you yesterday. You've been out all day and recovered a lot quicker than expected but none the less, you have completed just what I needed you to do. You're everything I was promised and then some! You will make a fine addition to the family Haraku." Zento would tip his hat at the man. Why did he have such a strange power? And why give it to Zento? He didn't like the thought of the man giving Zento power for no reason. There's always a reason to do things like this. What was this mob bosses goal? However, Zento wanted to keep this mark to himself. He didn't want to give any of the villagers worry about it. Zento lightly placed his hand over the mark.

The next day, Zento would be fully rested and ready to do whatever he needed for the mob. He walked into the meeting room where there were six other people sitting in chairs. One of them being the leader and across the table, an empty chair where Zento was to sit. Taking his seat, Zento was ready for this meeting. Hours passed as they spoke and Zento sat there quietly. They talked about the turf wars going on. Zento understood now what they were planning. A mass murder of other gangs. But why? That's what Zento needed to find out. He would hear the orders of the mob boss for Zento to go with the woman at the table and two of them would go to the gang on the west. The girl flashed Zento a smile. What was her name again? He couldn't very well remember it. Just that they were teamed up.

The girl talked to Zento and seemed pretty annoyed that he never responded to her. The woman and Zento found themselves at the gates late at night. Spying on the other gang. They seemed to be loading weapons. He wasn't sure exactly what they were planning and neither was the woman but they both agreed nothing good for the boss. On there way back to make the report, a blinding light shined in front of them. Seems that they had been caught. Zento pulled out a few kunai and got ready for a fight when suddenly the woman's body changed.

She almost looked like an angel. But no heavenly one. An Angel of Death was more the term for her. Moving at blinding speeds, the girl destroyed the light. Watching the darkness of the night cover them. Before the screams of the men could escape their mouths, they were already dead. The girls body changed back to the one he was use to and she turned around smiling. It was the curse mark. So, it would seem she had one as well. It didn't surprise Zento too much. That lead to believe that there were many more with this power in the gang. A dangerous power indeed. Zento would have to keep in mind about all the dangerous things that this world has. He wasn't to big with the though of having to deal with monsters like that woman. He was more than sure everything he had to deal with. The only thing that he had weighing on his mind was the simple fact. He would become what that woman was. A monster. He shook his head and closed his eyes. He couldn't think of things like that. He had to remember who he was. He was human. He wasn't a monster. He didn't want to become that. He cared for his village and they needed him to be there and not some creature. He returned to his base with the mob and the woman spoke about all of the things inside the mobs base and that they were caught but all who spotted them were killed well before they had the chance to even sound a single alarm. Zento nodded his head in agreement with her statement. The mob boss sounded pleased about this fact. He handed them all wad of cash for all the work the two of them did for the boss. Zento looked over at new plan for them and listening to all of the information about the gangs. Zento would continue his consideration for what all they were planning in the meeting room.

Zento had taken a walk away from the house as he did every so often. Zento would make his way to the hollowed out tree and slide in a scroll. The scroll instantly disappearing into nothing. This was the way he continued communication with his village and kept them up to date with all of the new information he had about the gangs and all the plans they considered doing. Zento not getting anything back in case of that rare chance someone was able to apprehend the notes he had a fail safe and was ready to set up the trap if need be. It was a powerful genjutsu to cause whoever was unaware of the plan to lose their memory for the day. He made his way back from the woods and the man at the front gate asked him every time how his walk was and what all did he do. However it was always the same response. Zento just looking at him for a couple of seconds and then walking past him. Everyone was getting use to the idea that Zento never talked about anything. He was a very quiet man. Always keeping his stories to himself and never telling people about anything. Rarely giving a real sentence.

Zento would continue his training with the ground and taking the DNA from his mark and studying it. Seeing what all exactly was up with it and if there was any way to contain the mark. He found nothing wrong with his DNA and wasn't sure if he would ever be able to get rid of the mark. But, he was sure that he would have to live with it for the rest of his entire life.He trained with them for a few more weeks. Gaining more power and going on more missions. He kept his villages pride on his back though. Always remembering just what exactly he was doing there. That his job was working with the ANBU black ops. Finding out everything he could about the mob he was in and seeing just what all they were planning. He knew it would take a while. DAys, weeks, months, maybe even years. He was ready for however long this mission was going to take. Zento would talk with the girl he was mainly teamed up with and learned more about the curse mark. He was not quite sure exactly how to make his curse mark come back out again. It just activated on its own. He could feel the pain in his neck shooting through his body at times. He had to get use to it and all that was going on. Every time he trained and his chakra would lower, Zento could feel his mark coming and see some of it slowly starting to take over the rest of his body. He was training each and every day. Waiting for the mark to reappear and then see what he can do to repress it. Finally working hard and causing the mark to leave at will. Now the goal for him was to simply make the mark come to him whenever he needed. Zento would sit down in the basement of the building. His eyes closed and breathing calmly in and out. His mind at ease. Thinking about his power. Focusing on the mark in his neck. He worked to make it come out To tap into it's power.

Zento would slowly hear something. The wind around him moving. He did not pay attention to it. He just focused on his power. He slowly started to feel it. He could feel the power. He opened his eyes and could see the white chakra flying around his body and looked down at his arm and chest. Seeing the mark covering half of him. He stood back to his feet and started to move around. His speed was so much better than it was before. He would start to sprint forward and run up the way without the need of any chakra. Just the sheer force of his feet and momentum was keeping him up the wall. Jumping off of it and flipping in the air and landing softly on the ground. He Popped his neck and was getting ready to spar against the woman. He would wait for her to show up. Then finally, the woman appeared before him. Zento would tip his hat and watch as she smiled at him. She got into a fighting position and Zento would as well charging at one another they threw their fists and clashed against each other. Then matching with a kick in the air. Zento locking his leg around hers and bringing her down to the ground and locking her leg in a hold then grabbing her by the neck and pulling. She breaking free from the grip and kicking him in the side. Zento flipping and moving with the blow to soften the damage, pushed on his hands and lifted himself up.

Zento would do a few hand seals and six balls of fire would fly over at the woman He would watch her doge them and then shoot an air bullet at Zento. He studied the attack and dogged to the side. She appeared to his side with her fist pulled back. Zento putting his hand out and catching her fist while it was still pulled back. Then, he would bash his head to hers and watch as she stumbled back. Zento grabbing his coat and tossing it off to get serious. She would smile as both of them activated the curse mark. Covering half of their bodies and charging at blinding speeds to the other. Clashing again with the other. Zento could feel both his and her hand break with the sheer force of the impact. But neither of them were backing down. They could not afford to do so. This was a fight to prove who was the strongest. He wanted to win. That was what mattered here. Nothing else. Zento would watch as she made a powerful wind attack. One that Zento didn't have the time to doge and couldn't afford to block. Making quick with his hand seals, Zento would slap his hands on the ground and summon the gate. The wind slamming into it and exploding off of it The girl laughed and smiled. She was impressed with Zento's hard work. The gate was gone and the girl was covered in chakra.

Zento wasn't to sure exactly what she was planning on him. But he knew the second he saw the wings. He was in trouble now. She took her true form in the cure mark. The Angel of Death was here. Zento got ready but there was no way to stop it. She was at his side and with a single blow cracked a couple of his rips. He bit his lip and grabbed her arm and went to put it in a lock. But could feel her already slipping out of it and getting him in a lock with a Kunai to his neck. Zento closed his eyes and had the mark go back to his neck. He still had a lot to learn about the curse mark and all that he could gain from it. The girl smiled and went back to normal. They got up and headed to the medical center for recovery. After a couple of weeks of strong medical care, they were back to normal and ready to go back into the field. Studying the enemy and getting to know each other better. Zento could honestly say he enjoyed this womans company. She asked to meet up with him and later that night they spent time together. She told him something he couldnt believe. Handing him her Leaf villages headband. She a member of the ANBU black ops? How long has she been here? "I know who you are Zento anichi. Lord Hokage informed me about you coming here and to make sure the two of us teamed together to keep an eye on you. I'm sorry to hide something from you but you can understand." Zento would nod at her. The two of them talking in private and studying the enemy together.

They would spend more time together and Zento would smile more than normal around her. He was very happy to actually have someone to spend time with and bond with. She would explain the curse mark and all that it had inside it. That he only had the first of three stages of the mark active and soon he will get the second mark. Zento speaking the first time in the six months he was here. "I trust you. We can get out of here soon and we can get back to the village." Zento looked at her and then there lips lock. It was very strange for Zento. He never did anything like this in his life. Why is this going on? He didn't seem to resist anything with her. The one time he dropped his guard. They broke away and looked into each others eyes. A smile appearing on her face and on Zento's as well. They would spend the night together. Zento laying in bed with her at his side, he never thought he would ever be in a situation like this. But it wasn't real. They were both deep undercover. They are risking the operation by doing things like this. One of the things the shinobi must be able to do is put emotion out of the equation. But, why can't the two of them do that with them around? Was it because of the bond they made over the few months together. Zento was not sure. Was it love? Did Zento find love on a mission? He was sure that this would end in the morning.

The next day it was a two vs two. Zento and the woman vs two of the other mob members with the curse mark. She being the only one in stage three and the other two in stage two. Zento activating the first stage. They would fight hard and train for ours. Then, one of them blind siding the woman and throwing six kunai. She didn't have the time to get out of the way. Zento would appear with his arms crossed along his chest in an x formation and feel each kunai stab into him. Everyone stopped for a minute at the actions Zento took. He would fling his arms and watch the kunai fall out of his arms and grab the man by the throat. Slamming him down into the ground. Watching the earth under him crack. The man was out cold. The girl laughing at him and then rushing at the other opponent. Taking him down and making him tap out. Zento powering down. The kunai did more damage than he had expected it would do. But he had to doeal with it no matter the cost. The woman walking up to him and having wraps. Covering the wounds and looking at his arms. Covering them in the bandages and refusing to look up at him. Claiming him to be a fool and he should leave his emotions like that off of the battle field. Zento needed to be professional. Zento looked at her as she looked up as though angry but worried. He would hug her tightly speaking softly he was sorry. Zento just wanted to protect her. That's all there was to it.

(word count 4000 to unlock the first stage of the curse mark)
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Mark for power (Zento flash back)
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