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 Retrieval, The Uchiha Forbidden Techniques!

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PostSubject: Retrieval, The Uchiha Forbidden Techniques!   Thu Jan 29, 2015 11:37 pm

Mission Name: Retrieval, The Uchiha Forbidden Techniques!
Rank: S
Type: Retrieval
Character Requirements: N/A
Mission Location: Fire Country Borders
Word Count Requirements: 6,000WC
Repeatable? Yes
NPC? Yes. 2 Chuunin rank level Ninja and one Special-Jounin rank level ninja that will be NPCd by a staff member. Their stats will be determined by the NPC.

Reward: Ability to learn Izanami and Izanagi techniques.

Task: The Uchiha keep a sacred scroll with information on two of the most powerful Genjutsu techinques on it. These techniques are a pair of Forbidden Sharingan techniques that are used to rewrite history and trap a target in an infinite genjutsu loop. These techniques are called Izanami and Izanagi. The Uchiha have received a threat that someone was going to steal the scroll. They decided to move the scroll to a secret location. During the moving of the scroll 3 bandits managed to surprise the couriers and steal the scroll. They were last seen near the Fire Country Borders. Your mission is to locate and retrieve the scroll and return it to the Uchiha clan elders. The task is hard but the reward is great.
This mission must be done solo
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Retrieval, The Uchiha Forbidden Techniques!
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