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 The Mastery

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PostSubject: The Mastery   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:18 pm

"Now Kyojin my friend are you ready for your last fight against your clone " said Kouko. Kyojin was beyond ready. Kyojin dreamt of this day every since he had knowed he had Kouko in his body. Kyojin walked towards the water fall and saw it sitting down he heard Kouko say " Kyojin you will be battling two version two five tails so make sure to summon your clone you also can use anything you have in your arsenal " said Kouko. Kyojin nodded while closing his eyes. He began to mediate as soon as he started he appeared in the other world as he started to call it. There were to clones with dark red and black chakra surrounding them as well as five very large tails. The vibe they were giving off seemed evil of some kind. This must be the vibe you get when you go in version two mode and can not control it. Kyojin saw the clone on the left began to leak out black and white chakra of some kind. Then the two chakras begans to merge. They were bubbles in the air. When the bubbles fully merged it was a purple ball of some sort about the size of Rasengan. Then the clone did the an unexpected thing. It swollowed the purple ball and fell to the ground breaking it like a earth quake. Kyojin saw something go down the Clone's throat really slow. Then its belly erupted into a huge ball." Oh no " kyojin said out aloud knowing this was a powerful technique but how did the clones know it and he did not. The clone then opened his mouth and shot forward a beam of puprle light. Kyojin held out his palm asorbimg the beam. He began to wave his hands fast screaming " hot hot hot hot hot hot hit hot ". Kyojin would then would summon his path who stood on the side of him." The path would hold out his palms and say " shinra tensei ". A orb of gravity would be released at the speed of 100 and the power of 100. The gravity would connect to both of the clones and send them flying.

Kyojin would began the handseals for Advent world of a sea of flowering trees and tree branches would shoot out of the ground at the speed of 125 and grab the two clomws before they would hit the ground. As they were held in restraints Kyojin would go to the one that was on the left and with a Rasengan in his right hand and shove the Rasengan right into the clone's opened mouth blowing its head off.  Kyojin smirked and whispered that's all you got I haven't eben transformed yet. Kyojin pulled out Samehada and ran towards the other clone who was still trapped. As Kyojin jumped and came down for a quick kill the clone roared and blew Kyojin back into his Deva Path. Kyojin got up before the clone got to him and went version two four tails mode. He charged to the clone at emmense speed smd stabbed it through the heart." Kyojin screamed out to Kouko " I HAVE MASTETED YOUR VERSION ONE AND TWO FORMS WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO MASTER ". "Tsk tsk tsk you must now master the Bijuu Bomb " said Kouko as Kyojin was teleported out if other world.

Kyojin opened his eyes to the real world " what must I do to master Bijuu Bomb " said Kyojin." I will tell you once you get back home to Umi Port. For now go and talk to the animals or something " said Kouko. Kyojin went ahead and explored the island like he was told to and saw several animals among the island." Gorilla I told you to stay in the trees get off my property " yeld Lion. Kyojin sweat dropped " what the hell is going on " he thought " fuck you now let's fight " said Lion. The two charged each other exchanging blows. Kyojin only shook his head and walked away." Are animals here brained damaged " asked Kyojin seriously." No they are only just you can say mental disabled " Kouko laughed." Hahahaha same thing Kouko " said Kyojin." Now head north it is time for us to go back home " said Kouko." So this trip is finally over I am ready to go and talk with that Kaito again that boy is something special " said Envy finally awaking after a week of training. Kyojin nodded Kaito was something special but he had yet to see his special technique.

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PostSubject: Re: The Mastery   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:33 pm

"Do not concern yourself with my origin, my race, or my ancestry. Seek my record in the pits, and then make your wager."
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The Mastery
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