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 Wind God's Boreas

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PostSubject: Wind God's Boreas   Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:28 pm

Name: Wind God's Boreas
 Rank: S
 Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
 Element: Wind
Duration/Cooldown: 1 post disc: 5 posts tornado/ 8 posts
Range: 75m/100m
Base Power: 100m
Base Speed: 100m


 What it does: Boreas starts off in the hand as a ominous (purely cosmetic) spherical dark wind which is then launched at 100 speed and power, having a radius of 5m. However this jutsu lies in its potential that is released after activation, as on the second post it explodes into a massive tornado 50m in diameter, with winds that drill into the opponent at a speed and power of 100, able to be manipulated within the jutsu's range at the jutsu's speed, however the tornado may only move within 100m from the point of expansion. This technique is very draining due to its size, needing a rather sizable cooldown to recharge the chakra lost

 Character Specific: Hikari Ootsutsuki
 Wordcount to learn: 4k
 Chakra Cost: 85cp/40cp upkeep
 Bonus Requirements: Be Hikari Ootsutsuki

Backstory: Hikari had been playing around with her wind chakra for practice when she accidently acessed her hidden reserves of chakra due to being startled by her summoning friend Ekans. The result was an incredible blast of power which caused her to need to start patching up some large holes from tornado damage. At least she learned something from it!


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PostSubject: Re: Wind God's Boreas   Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:02 pm


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Wind God's Boreas
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